Liability Insurance for Specialty Contractors

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Liability Insurance for Specialty Contractors



As an artisan contractor, you’re an expert in your field. However, even the best professionals sometimes face challenges. Lawsuits against artisan contractors are becoming more common, which is especially troubling because employers of artisan contractors are not generally held vicariously liable for a contractor’s acts or omissions. A large lawsuit judgment could have dire financial consequences for you and your business.

insurance for specialty contractors
insurance for specialty contractors


Who Should Have 'Liability Insurance For Specialty Contractors'?

We provide insurance solutions for businesses and individuals in the United States.
We can help the following:

  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • carpenters
  • roofers
  • general contractors
  • any type of contractor!

What Does Liability Insurance for Specialty Contractors Cover?

We’ll work with you to develop a customized insurance plan that addresses all applicable risk categories. Available coverage options include:

  • Commercial General liability: Commercial general liability insurance is a broad form of coverage that protects against a wide range of common risks faced by specialty contractors. Examples include injuries and property damage sustained by third parties due to negligence. For instance, this coverage can help if a passerby trips over a tool you didn’t store properly. This category also covers advertising injuries such as libel, slander, and copyright infringement.
  • Professional Liability: This type of coverage applies to errors and omissions resulting in inadequate work that ultimately harms a client. Suppose you’re an electrician who becomes distracted by another worker at the job site and fails to complete a wiring job. If this negligent act causes an injury or damage to the facility, your professional liability insurance will protect you.
  • Owners and Contractors Protective Liability: If you perform work as a subcontractor, a general contractor or property owner may require you to carry this coverage to protect their interests in the case of liability issues arising from negligent acts.
  • Commercial Auto (available in most states): If you use any vehicles primarily for your business, you’ll need commercial auto coverage to protect your assets. This insurance will compensate third parties for injuries or property damage resulting from accidents you cause while driving.
  • Completed Products: This coverage protects against injury and property damage claims that occur after the completion of the contract.
  • Equipment Rental Liability: This insurance covers injuries and property damage incurred by third parties from the use of rental equipment at a job site.
  • Property Coverage: Property insurance covers damage to the tools, equipment, inventory, and other items you use in your business. Coverage for theft and damage caused by employees is also available.

Please note that we do not provide worker’s compensation.

XINSURANCE Offers Comprehensive Liability Coverage for Specialty Contractors

At XINSURANCE, we recognize the exposure your business faces in today’s litigious society. Fortunately, we can help you with specialty liability insurance for artisan contractors or contractor insurance. We provide customized insurance solutions for a range of risk factors. If you’ve had trouble obtaining adequate protection elsewhere or been canceled or nonrenewed by another insurer, we can step in and fill the void.

Updated September 2021: Recent storms and natural disasters are causing property damage to thousands of homes and businesses across the United States. If you’re a contractor involved in the repair or reconstruction of these properties, we can help you with customized liability insurance solutions to give you true peace of mind while working on the job.

With XINSURANCE, you will have the customized coverage you need through our all-in-one approach with direct access to underwriting, risk management, and claims management. By reviewing your operations and experience level, we provide insurance solutions made to fit the needs of your business. We, too, like to get our hands dirty – so no matter the risk or history, we are here to help you.

Get a Tru Umbrella Policy and Much More

At XINSURANCE, no risk is too big or small for us. We can provide liability insurance solutions for specialty contractors with limits up to $20 million. By delivering customized coverage under one policy, we’ll give you true peace of mind that you’re doing everything possible to protect your business and personal assets.

You’ll also appreciate our customer-focused business approach. We’ll be happy to review your current plan and make recommendations to fill any gaps or exclusions. When the time comes to file a claim, you’ll receive the prompt, attentive service you deserve.

Our streamlined customer journey makes obtaining liability insurance for specialty contractors a quick, easy process. Start by filling out and submitting our online application. Our underwriting team will then set up a phone call with you to discuss the risk in further detail and issue a quick quote.

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To start the quote process and obtain more information about our liability insurance for specialty contractors, complete the form above. If you have any questions and would like to speak to a representative, give us a call at 877-585-2853.




insurance for artisan contractors

From 2010-2016, there have been approximately 13,100 electrical nonfatal injuries.

insurance for artisan contractors

Nearly 8 in 10 artisan contractors have faced client nonpayment in their careers.

insurance for artisan contractors

More than 150,000 Americans require medical treatment as a result of roofing accidents every single year.

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