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underground storage tanks insurance

Customized Insurance Solutions for Underground Storage Tanks

Insurance for Underground Storage Tanks

Our Pollution Liability policy offers broad, flexible, and comprehensive pollution liability insurance for owners and operators of various risk on a claims-made policy form. Our Pollution Liability is designed to respond to environmental liabilities resulting from pollution incidents at, under, or emanating from your property. Under federal requirements, owners and operators must demonstrate financial responsibility for taking corrective action and for compensating third parties for bodily injury and property damage caused by accidents releases arising from the operation of aboveground or underground storage tanks. Now-a-day, carriers are non-renewing due to the age of the tanks.

Our Pollution Liability Program is geared toward the following:

  • Gas stations
  • Airports with their aboveground or underground storage tanks
  • Trucking companies with their own gas or diesel aboveground or underground storage tanks
  • Governmental entities such as municipality, city, or town with their own gas, diesel
  • Agriculture risk with aboveground or underground storage tanks
  • Heating oil distributors with aboveground or underground storage tanks

General Exposure:

  • Our Pollution Liability coverage provides third-party BI & PD resulting from storage tank incidents involving scheduled storage tanks
  • Corrective action resulting from storage tanks
  • Policy/certificate to satisfy federal and/or state requirements for financial responsibility
  • Coverage available in all states


Limits vary from state to state as each state will either have their own requirement or federal requirement. States that follow the federal requirements 40 CFR 280 are as follows:

  • Per accident/per occurrence – amount of insurance coverage
  • Annual aggregate maximum amount of coverage that is required to cover on an annual basis no matter how many releases occur
  • All policies quoted on a claims-made basis (occurrence form available)
  • Limits up to $1,000,000/$2,000,000


  • Deductible BI/PD applies to state-mandated corrective action
  • Coverage includes a SIR – BI/PD for Third Party Liability (Minimum Deductible and/or SIR $10,000)
  • Coverage includes: sudden and accidental release
  • Coverage includes: non-sudden accidental release
  • Occurrence Form available
  • Coverage excludes any prior, existing, and ongoing leakage or contamination
  • Coverage is suspended during repairs, modifications, or replacements of tanks or related systems
  • Coverage excludes temporarily not in use or empty tanks – they must be filled in accordance with state or federal requirements


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