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Entertainer Liability: The Show Must Go On

Nothing compares to live entertainment. Whether you are working as a clown at local birthday parties, a magician at corporate events, or even as a deejay at the hottest clubs in town, for that one brief moment in the spotlight, you are an undisputed star. Unfortunately, bad things can happen to good people at any time. One simple accident during one of your performance could put a permanent end to your time in the spotlight.

There are a number of hazards and risks assigned with any live performance. Think of the financial impact you would face if someone slipped and fell while climbing on the stage to assist you with your act. Also, while clowns are fun for all ages, it is no laughing matter when a bit goes awry and a prop injures a child in the audience.

We live in a very, very litigious age where the first instinct of any injured party is to go straight to a lawyer and to sue the person they think is responsible for their injury or property loss. The idea of working things out with an injured or wronged party, outside of the court system, has been cast to the wayside in favor of big jury payouts.

Because of this, one second of inattention, or one incident of simple bad luck, can result in catastrophic legal claims against a performer. No performer is immune to these claims — something as basic as a face painting can lead to a lawsuit if the person being painted is allergic to the paint being used.

Performers need to insulate themselves against this potentially career-ending liability, and the best way to do this is with entertainer liability insurance. This insurance can give the legal protection and the peace of mind you need to know that the show will go on and that your talent will not be forever silenced by one bad incident.

Coverage is available for the entire entertainment spectrum, from clowns, magicians, deejays, dancers,  and comedians, to jugglers, music acts, singers, bands, and many, many others. It will protect you from claims arising from any potential injury an audience member may suffer at one of your performances as well as any property damage to the performance venue or the personal property of audience members.

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