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Fire Suppression Contractor Liability Insurance

If you work in an industry that involves testing various fire protection systems, you should look into fire suppression contractor liability insurance. Some qualifying businesses can include:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Contractors
  • Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service Companies
  • Restaurant & Special Suppression System Risks
  • Fire Alarm/Burglar & Security System Installers
  • Fire Equipment Distributors/Fire & Emergency Apparatus Dealers

If you work within this industry, protecting yourself from the dangers of working with fire suppression is critical. Coverage can range from general liability to property, auto, umbrella and others such as workers’ compensation and professional and pollution.

While you might do your best to make sure all work is performed correctly, you can’t predict when accidents will occur or when someone might try to hold you financially responsible for something that was not your fault. This is why you must take extra care in not only your work, but in protecting yourself and making sure you have the right fire suppression contractor liability insurance plan.