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Fitness Instructors Need to Sit Up and Weigh-In on Insurance Coverage

If your work clothes are workout clothes and your office is a gym, you are in the market for fitness instructor insurance. Your job is to motivate people to reach past their limits to do one more crunch, bench press, or squat. You coach them through new moves, correct their form, and then push them to do even better. Fitness instructors are sought after by a growing baby boomer population as this generation strives to remain active throughout their lives. Years of education, experience and building your client-base has formed the foundation for your business. You don’t want to loose everything over one bad experience.

Insurance providers show that the number one claim made against fitness instructors is falls that occur on the training premises. The second most prevalent claim is injury related to equipment usage. Lawsuits are on the rise as are wins for the client.  Whether you are using free weights, weight machines, or cardiovascular machines, all it takes is a small malfunction for an injury to occur. You could be coaching a client through his third set of squats, he wrenches his back and you could be liable for damages.  The pin holding the weights in a weight machine can become loose and weights have been known to fall on feet or hands. Recently, even yoga has been in the news as not being as safe as first thought.

This shouldn’t discourage you from being a trainer or instructor. It is possible to be aware of the risks and be proactive. Insurance policies through XINSURANCE provide protection for circumstances not covered by your existing policies. You can obtain protection from having to pay legal costs to fight claims such as libel, slander, wrongful invasion of privacy, bodily injury, sexual abuse, and product liability to name a few. When being harassed by frivolous claims, an appropriate insurance policy can pay for legal fees and protect your personal assets.

Don’t leave your hard-earned career vulnerable to an accident. Don’t rely on a signed waiver to protect you.  You have worked hard, you love what you do and working with people.  Seek out an insurance agent to discuss the best options to fully protect you.

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