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Gym Owner & Trainer Liability Insurance

For a place where people go to get healthier, fitness centers are filled with an awful lot of ways in which they can potentially hurt themselves. Faulty equipment, heavy equipment, slippery weights, saunas, locker rooms, showers and wet spots are just a few of the possible hazards littered throughout a health club. If you’re a trainer or class leader, you’re in charge of instructing members how to left correctly or bend into new positions that test their physical limits. As a gym owner or employee, you are hopefully aware that your facility is practically a legal minefield. where costly, damaging lawsuits are an everyday reality. What you may not be aware of is what you can do about it.

Gym liability insurance plans are available for gym owners and trainers of all shapes and sizes. The plans are shaped specifically to fit your business and provide extra protection to your traditional business insurance plan against harmful and expensive litigation. While traditional plans do cover some legal expenses, the amount they will cover and their selectivity are wildly unpredictable, unreliable, and weak. Adding a custom gym owner or physical trainer liability plan will provide the extra muscle necessary to fend off possible lawsuits, and leave you with a leaner, meaner, less vulnerable business.