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How Gaps in Your Auto or Homeowner’s Insurance Can Haunt You

Auto insurance and homeowners insurance policies typically provide liability coverage for common situations. However, they will exclude situations that are normally covered by other types of insurance. For example, you can’t collect from your homeowner’s insurance policy if you injure someone in an auto accident while driving to work. In addition, both auto and homeowners insurance policies exclude intentional acts such as when someone damages another’s property as an act of revenge.

Both of these types of exclusions seem reasonable. But life today is complex and it’s quite possible for anyone to accidentally run afoul of exclusions in their insurance policies. Here are two examples:


If you freely express your opinions about other people as a blogger, being sued for defamation is always possible. Lawsuits usually occur over a false statement of fact rather than over an opinion, but it’s easy to misstate a fact about someone. Homeowners insurance usually covers this. On the other hand, if your blog uses advertisements to cover the costs of running it, then your homeowner’s policy won’t cover you because you’re making money from your blog. Homeowners insurance will not cover business activities.

Getting Rid of Odds and Ends on Ebay

Thanks to the Internet, you can clear out all the things collecting dust in your garage, basement or attic, and make a bit of cash to boot. Websites such as Ebay and Craigslist are convenient online locations that bring buyers and sellers together. If the items that you sell cause a serious injury or death, you will likely face a civil lawsuit.

An example of commonly sold goods that can potentially cause harm is used rock climbing gear. The synthetic fabrics used in climbing harnesses, for example, degrade over time. Death is a real possibility if the harness fails while the buyer uses it. Again, your homeowner’s liability won’t cover this because selling online is a business activity.

The above are two examples of how ordinary activities can slip through the policy gaps of the insurance companies we count on to provide security. The point made here is not that you should avoid blogging about people or avoid selling things online. It’s about examining your insurance policies against your own activities to make sure they’re covered.

Too few people do this and some suffer devastating lawsuits as a consequence. If you find that you have insurance gaps that need coverage, consider specialized personal liability coverage. Contact us at Xinsurance for more information.