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Insurance for School Security Guards 

Insurance for School Security Guards 

Schools aren’t necessarily the safe havens they ought to be. With gun violence on the rise and a high incident rate for crime at schools, it’s never been more crucial to have school security.

As a school security guard, you’re responsible for the safety of hundreds or even thousands of students and their teachers. Protecting them can be a challenging job. Are you also protecting yourself? Insurance for school security guards is a simple solution that allows you to continue doing your job without fear of being hit with an expensive lawsuit.

Keeping Schools Safe

Protecting schools and the people that attend can be a rough ride. From 1999- 2018, 223,000 students experienced gun violence while in school, and 229 schools suffered shooting incidents. That’s an average of almost 25 incidents per year.

Gun violence isn’t the only thing to worry about either. Between 2017-2018, 80% of schools reported a criminal incident, including theft and violence. This amounts to an incredible 1.4 million incidents in total.

With these statistics in mind, it’s no wonder that more and more schools are employing security guards to keep their premises safe.

The Role of the School Security Guard

As a school security guard, you’re responsible for maintaining order and discipline while ensuring that incidents of crime are dealt with appropriately. You also have the responsibility for keeping the population safe while taking measures to reduce the rate of incidents. You’re the one who has to be prepared for the unknown. Should a mass shooter enter the school grounds, you must manage the situation.

Occasionally, situations turn violent. You may inadvertently cause someone bodily harm or damage someone’s property. Instances like these can leave you open to liability claims. That’s why you need to protect yourself by taking insurance for school security guards.

XINSURANCE: Insurance for School Security Guards

As a school security guard, you may have found it hard to get insurance coverage. You may even have found that insurers are unwilling to take you on. The unfortunate fact is that many insurers won’t provide insurance for you because school security is classed as a high-risk occupation.

Additionally, most homeowners insurance policies are likely to let you down, too. Either they won’t give you coverage or you’ll discover it’s not nearly enough should you have to make a claim.

XINSURANCE steps in where other insurers turn their backs. We’re an insurance brokerage providing specialty liability insurance solutions to our customers. XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. Our all-in-one approach allows us to offer solutions even if you have a claims history or have been denied coverage in the past.

This insurance for school security guards will protect you from liability claims against you for simply doing your job. The coverage includes physical injury, property damage, professional negligence, and more.

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If you would like a quote for insurance for school security guards, get in touch with XINSURANCE today. Our website details our extensive product line, including insurance for armed security guards. You can request a quote via our website or get in touch with us:

It’s difficult enough carrying out a high-risk occupation. Why make it even harder by leaving yourself open to liability claims? Give yourself peace of mind while doing your job by ensuring you have proper coverage. Contact XINSURANCE to get started with insurance for school security guards.