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International Mission Trip Insurance

People are volunteering to go on foreign mission trips in record numbers, and it’s no mystery why. It is an unparalleled opportunity for people of all ages to do rewarding work like building a house or school while visiting exotic, faraway places. When it comes to bonding with peers, spreading kindness, and rediscovering (or strengthening) yourself, it is an experience like no other. However, embarking on such a journey carries a considerable number of risks. Unpredictable, costly events are possible at a place as safe and familiar to you as your home. When traveling in a foreign and less developed nation, the chances of something going awry increase exponentially. This is why it’s very important to make sure you have liability insurance coverage for mission trips in foreign countries.

You can’t always control the environment you’ll be visiting, which is why foreign mission volunteer liability coverage is the only way to ensure that your trip will be as safe, enjoyable, and rewarding as you imagined it would be. Custom liability insurance is available to shape a plan that will cover the basics of standard travel insurance (lost checked baggage, hospital indemnity, etc.) as well as the other possible scenarios that will be specific to your trip (ex. natural disaster displacement, emergency medical evacuation, acts of terrorism, etc.). Volunteers return from foreign mission trips with memories that will last them a lifetime. Before embarking on your own mission, take the necessary step and acquire custom liability coverage designed for volunteers on mission trips.