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Fake Insurance homeowners insurance

Just When You Thought You Were Covered — “Fake Insurance”!

Fake Insurance

It’s running rampant, spotted in countless policies in homes and businesses across the country. It’s “fake insurance” — gaps or exclusions that expose themselves when you need them most.

Say you’re a retired policeman still packing (legally!) and your firearm is stolen and used after it’s left your hands. That’s when “fake insurance” can rear its ugly head. Imagine finding out your homeowners or general liability policy doesn’t cover you? Or you’re hosting a birthday party for your nephew and renting an inflatable for the background; one of the kids trips and bangs his head — bad. If you think your homeowner’s policy or the waiver signed by your guests for the installer has your back, think again! What about public servants accused of sexual abuse? Will your company’s liability insurance protect you and your good name? Possibly not. Or you have an adorable furry friend who has a terrible temper and takes a disliking to your landlord. Your homeowner’s insurance may not take the bite out of a lawsuit.

“Fake insurance” appears more often than you’d expect. That’s why it’s important to take a second look at your limits and deductibles today to help ensure there are no surprises tomorrow. Also, take a look at specialty liability insurance from XINSURANCE.


XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, an insurance brokerage. XINSURANCE can provide solutions where traditional carriers won’t — we specialize in providing solutions for specialty and declined risks. Even if you’ve been canceled or denied coverage, or you’ve filed bankruptcy, XINSURANCE can help.

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