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Long Haul Trucking Liability Insurance

One of the most lucrative trucking careers is that of an over the road, or long haul trucker. Long haul truckers are often specially trained to handle heavy, valuable cargo and extended interstate travelling. This unique career also presents many risks that should be properly covered in an insurance plan that’s specifically designed for long haul trucking liability coverage. Whether you’re working for a national courier service or are an owner operator who works independently, there are certain liabilities you must account for in order to be a safe and successful long haul truck driver.

Long haul truckers are responsible for the safe-keeping of whatever cargo they are delivering and are often entrusted with highly valuable goods. Part of your insurance plan should include cargo liability, which will cover any cargo that is damaged or stolen. Being on the road for an extended period of time means being exposed to a greater risk of accidents. Any accident that results in damage to your vehicle and/or injury to yourself should be taken care of by your insurance provider in a timely manner so that you can get back on the road and earn your living.