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Mechanical Bull Liability Insurance

Professional bull riders are some of the toughest athletes in all of sports. They defy gravity and nature, while inspiring awe in those who watch them; all in less than ten seconds. Your Average Joe who climbs onto a mechanical bull, however, is not a professional. And while the bull may be fake, the danger is as real as it gets. If you put a mechanical bull in your establishment, you likely know about the safety issues, and while every precaution may be in place (floor mats, quick stop buttons), that will never be enough to ensure that an injury will not occur. So what can you do?

Custom mechanical bull liability insurance plans are available to protect you from possible injury lawsuits. Each plan is custom shaped to suit your specific needs (location of the bull, amount of usage, precautions in place). Don’t let the possibility of an accident prevent patrons, friends, or family from having a great time. You’re able to obtain a mechanical bull insurance plan for your protection, no matter what type of business you run. Having the right insurance plan to protect your financial liabilities gives you extra padding for anything that might be thrown at you.