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Specialized Personal Liability Coverage Can Protect You from Costly Legal Action

Do you know what is – and, more important, what is not – covered under your existing liability insurance policies, such as automobile, home and professional policies?

Most homeowners would be surprised to learn that many home insurance policies specifically exclude such common things as trampolines and pets. This means that if anyone visits your home and is injured by taking a bad fall on your trampoline, or is bitten by your dog, you are one hundred percent financially liable if they decide to sue you for those injuries. Since the insurance company commonly excludes coverage for these items from their policies, they have zero liability to pay for any damages or lawsuits related to them.

And those are only two examples. There are many, many other areas of inadequate or non-existent coverage in nearly all liability insurance policies.

Many people with what they assumed was perfectly adequate insurance coverage have found out the hard way just how limited their liability insurance actually is. Unfortunately, they only found out after an incident had occurred – and after they were hit with financially ruinous personal injury lawsuits.

The professionals at Xinsurance can help you evaluate your existing personal liability coverage and can offer you a policy that can fill those gaps in your coverage. If you have specific needs related to your job or hobbies, they can even custom-craft coverage specifically for you.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out just how limited your insurance cover is.

Contact us today to see what we can do to insure – and ensure — your future financial security.