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The Dirt on Garbage Collection: Why Specialty Insurance is a Must

Customized Insurance for Garbage Collectors and Garbage Collection Companies

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. Garbage collection and hauling is big business in the U.S. In fact, on Manta alone — the largest online community for small businesses — there are over 16,175 companies listed under “Garbage Collection” in the U.S. Thus, XINUSRANCE has stepped in to provide insurance for garbage collectors and garbage collection companies.

The garbage collection industry has grown steadily over the last past years. According to IBISWorld, “The Waste Collection Services industry has benefited from rising industrial, construction and commercial business activity. Expansion in these sectors has led to greater waste production, thereby generating demand for industry services.”

While garbage collection is vital for every business, every home, and city, it is laden with danger — due to driver overwork and fatigue, crashes, and fires in the hopper, not to mention garbage “juice.” In New York City overall, private sanitation trucks killed seven people in 2017.

The “show” must go on, but garbage collection companies must protect themselves — and their workers — with specialty liability insurance from XINSURANCE. As a full-service excess and surplus lines brokerage with more than two decades of experience, XINSURANCE offers specialty liability insurance that insures garbage collection companies — even if you’ve been canceled, have a high safer score or any type of claim that makes it difficult for you to find insurance.

XINSURANCE will ensure that all parts of your business are covered; we can cover physical damage, liability, and cargo, even on-hook or towing coverage. XINSURANCE also offer flexible underwriting, risk management expertise, and outstanding claims results for difficult risks, with consideration for good risk management practices.


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