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Valet Parking Insurance – Protect Yourself From Liability

With parking spaces at an ever-increasing premium, valet parking is a popular and desirable service. No one wants to go out for a nice evening in a restaurant or have a weekend in a hotel and spend half their time searching for a safe and secure parking spot.

That’s why valet parking is a great way to increase visitors and customers to your business. A person is likely to choose your establishment over a competitor if you offer valet parking and they don’t.

1. Understanding the risks of valet parking

Whether you’re a business that hires its own valets or a specialist valet parking service that’s contracted by other businesses, you will be well aware of the risks associated with driving another person’s car.

While we’re certain you take the time to train your staff adequately to drive vehicles safely, accidents and incidents do happen. Sometimes the car might get dinged or scratched, particularly in tight parking spots or small parking lots. There’s always the possibility that the actions of another driver may cause an accident or collision while the car is in the hands of the valet. Although thankfully rare, the worst-case scenario is that a valet-driven car causes bodily harm to a pedestrian.

With more and more people willing to use valet parking services, the rate of associated crimes also rises. Thefts from parked vehicles and the vandalism associated with thieves breaking into the vehicle are on the increase. Valet parked cars can be an easy target, despite security measures.

2. Getting adequate liability insurance for valet parking

The above scenarios can be devastating to a business if there is no insurance protection in place. The laws vary from state to state, but the overall view is that if an incident occurs while the vehicle is in the hands of the valet, then it is the valet parking service or business that is liable for the damage.

Our society is a very litigious one, and people don’t hesitate to sue if they have been wronged and believe that the business or company is at fault. It’s no surprise, then, that valet parking insurance is gaining popularity. It protects businesses from expensive claims that could otherwise financially ruin or bankrupt them.

Valet parking insurance can offer the following coverage:

  • General liability – covering injury to a person and damage to a property caused by a valet attendant.
  • Garage keeper’s liability – covering damage to any vehicle left in the valet’s care. This includes collision and theft.

At XINSURANCE, we can also offer over 40 years of expertise. We pride ourselves on having the ability to provide coverage solutions where other insurers refuse. That means, even if you’ve had issues getting liability insurance for valet parking in the past, XINSURANCE will be able to help you.

XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage and we take what we call an “all-in-one” approach to your situation and business. We evaluate all aspects of your business including your operations and level of experience and use that data to find a fully customized insurance plan that gives you the cover you need.

We like to think we provide full peace of mind for our customers leaving you to do what you do best – run a valet parking service or business.

Our valet parking insurance is suitable for:

  • Valet parking services
  • Valet parking contractors
  • Valet parking businesses
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Casinos
  • Entertainment complexes
  • Other businesses that provide valet parking facilities

3. How to get in touch or find more information

It’s never been easier to get in touch with XINSURANCE! Our website contains plenty of information. Make sure you stop by to see our vast product line. You can rest assured that we are an experienced team and that we have the expertise to handle your insurance needs.

You can also jump straight into generating a quote for your business here. Or, if you prefer email, you can get in touch with us at

If you’re a fan of social media, then we’re fully active on Facebook and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn and Instagram. These sites are a great way to keep updated on XINSURANCE’s products and services. They also provide you with an easy way to shoot us a message with any questions or queries you might have.

If you prefer to do things the old fashioned way, then you are welcome to call us on 877-585-2853 and chat to a member of our experienced team.

4. You deserve true peace of mind

As valet parking is such a desirable and attractive service to patrons and customers, it can be very lucrative for a business to offer it. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to achieve more success by thinking valet parking is not worth the risk. With customized insurance coverage, anyone can enjoy the benefits that a valet parking service brings without having to worry about all the associated risks.

Even if you’ve been refused cover in the past, you do not need to worry. You will find that our team at XINSURANCE will help you with the proper coverage you need. Enjoy better business with XINSURANCE. We look forward to celebrating your success.