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What is Brushboarding and Why You Need Liability Coverage For It

Brushboarding is a newcomer to the extreme sports realm. However, it’s quickly gaining popularity. Owners of recreation facilities and amusement parks are realizing that installing a brush ramp on their premises is excellent for business.

While brushboarding is generally considered a safer way to participate in board-based sports, there is still an element of risk. If you’re thinking about the possibility of having a brush ramp installed, this article will help you better understand the sport and why you need brushboarding insurance to protect yourself.

What is Brushboarding?

Brushboarding consists of a ramp made entirely of brushes. It’s a safe and environmentally friendly way for people to participate in board sports with less risk of injury than other boarding sports and without getting wet. It’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels, making it an extremely accessible activity.

It’s particularly good for developing skills and awareness required for board-based sports. It also does a great job of toning and shaping muscles, especially the core muscles, making it a fantastic exercise. It can really hone balancing skills too. Those considered board sports professionals can take advantage of brushboarding to stay in peak condition during the off-seasons of their chosen sport.

Brushboarding is an excellent alternative for:

  • Surfing
  • Skateboarding
  • Snowboarding

The brushes on the ramp are soft bristles and propel the user upwards to imitate riding a wave, a skateboard ramp, or a ski slope. Depending on the size of the board used, the user will experience something akin to one of these three activities.

The Risks of Brushboarding

Brushboarding is safer than navigating a mountain or surfing in unfamiliar waters. However, like any sport, it involves an element of risk. The most significant brushboarding risks are:

  • Falling off the board and onto the ramp
  • Falling over the side of the ramp onto the floor
  • Sustaining injury from a fall
  • Mechanical faults
  • Inexperienced users

If you run a recreational facility and wish to install a brushboarding ramp, you need to apply the same rigid health and safety procedures as you do for all your other attractions. This includes:

  • Keeping the brush ramp well-maintained and in good working order
  • Ensuring that a fully trained individual observes customers closely
  • Providing all the necessary personal safety equipment
  • Providing the right size board according to experience level
  • Not letting anyone use the brush ramp if they appear unwell, intoxicated, or tired.
  • Keeping your staff trained to respond appropriately if an accident occurs

Brushboarding Insurance for Liability

Even the most diligent safety measures can’t eliminate all risk. If a customer sustains an injury on your brushboard, they are likely to place the blame at your feet. If that happens and you are found liable, you could be looking at a potentially ruinous claim. To avoid this happening, you need liability coverage for brushboarding. This will protect you against any liability claims for:

  • Ride-related injuries
  • Slips and falls
  • Advertising, logo, or trademark infringement
  • Communicable diseases

XINSURANCE: Brushboarding Insurance

As part of our Outdoor Recreation Liability Insurance, XINSURANCE is able to offer liability insurance solutions for brushboarding. XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage, and we are in the proud position to be able to offer customized solutions to those who need it most.

We assess experience levels and operations to create comprehensive brushboarding insurance solutions. We can even help those with a claims history. And we can often help people and businesses that have been refused coverage in the past.

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Rick LindseyAuthored by Rick J. Lindsey, President, Chairman, and CEO of XINSURANCE

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