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XINSURANCE Animal Liability Coverage At Animal Shelters

Across the country, thousands of independently run animal shelters are promoting the noble goal of pet adoption. A central issue in adoption is whether a new owner can provide a safe, secure and permanent home for their pet. Yet there are increasing regulations and implications individuals need to be aware of when it comes to pet ownership and housing. There is growth among landlords who require their tenants to have animal liability. Furthermore, many homeowners’ policies specifically exclude pets from their coverage. Beyond the knowledge needed to properly care for a pet, owners need to also understand the associated liability and insurance risks. XINSURANCE offers Animal Liability which is a vital resource animal shelters should be sharing with new owners as they go through the adoption process.

The benefits of XINSURANCE Animal Liability are numerous. Pet adopters demonstrate a heightened degree of responsibility when they purchase Animal Liability by both expanding the options of housing for their pet and protecting themselves in case there ever is an incident. XINSURANCE Animal Liability does not discriminate against any dog breeds or even bite histories making it easier to find a home for a pet with a rough past. In addition, XINSURANCE Animal Liability tailors coverage to local regulations and owners needs providing a customized policy in each instance.

XINSURANCE can help ensure a pet is placed in a good home and should be a resource provided by animal shelters to potential new owners in the adoption process.

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