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XINSURANCE Helps Mountain Guide Company Go Forward With Confidence


Insurance for Mountain Guides

Mountain guides take great pride in shepherding people in the mountains, guiding them to places they’ve always wanted to go with the skill set and knowledge of a guide behind them. But mountain guiding is rife with hazards, as mountains are an uncertain place — the weather and avalanche hazards are ever changing; nothing is perfectly safeguarded. Just ask guides from Utah Mountain Adventures, a backcountry guides and climbing school. Ultimately, it’s not if accidents are going to happen if you’re doing a lot of mountain guiding. It’s when. That’s why Utah Mountain Adventures choose a strong partner in liability insurance for mountain guides — XINSURANCE.

XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, an insurance brokerage. XINSURANCE provides an all-in-one approach that allows business owners to have broader coverage, up to $10 million limits with higher limits available through reinsurance partners, flexible underwriting, risk management expertise, extraordinary claims results, and a partnership approach.

Utah Mountain Adventures has been mountain guiding worldwide since 1993, and with XINSURANCE from day one. “I’m helping my clients achieve great things in the mountains; that’s what XINSURANCE does for me,” says an executive with Utah Mountain Adventures. “They’re providing an opportunity for us to go out and guide mountain climbing and backcountry skiing. I wouldn’t feel comfortable without a great insurance behind us. I know that I can trust them and I can go forward with confidence.”

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