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XINSURANCE Offers Tru Solution to Florida Homeowner Crisis

XINSURANCE Offers “Tru” Solution to Florida Homeowner Crisis

The insurance crisis in Florida is seen to be escalating as insurers continue to flee the state or abandon claims while in receivership. Homeowners are also challenged with serious gaps in coverage. XINSURANCE offers welcome relief to homeowners in Florida—and throughout the U.S.—with its TRU Homeowners Insurance and TRU Umbrella Insurance.

“It’s simply unacceptable what’s happening to Florida homeowners today,” says Rick J. Lindsey, President, CEO and Founder of XINSURANCE, a leading excess and surplus (E&S) lines brokerage.

Since 2017, eleven property and casualty companies that offered homeowners insurance in Florida liquidated. Five of those companies liquidated in 2022, and United Property & Casualty Insurance Company liquidated in 2023. Other insurance companies are voluntarily leaving the state.

In August 2002, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation was created by the Florida Legislature as a not-for-profit, government entity to provide property insurance to eligible Florida property owners unable to find insurance coverage in the private market. However, while premiums are low, coverage can be exceptionally restrictive. In fact, Citizens admits that private insurers offer “more coverage options and less restrictive coverage than can be purchased from Citizens.” Many homeowners find out the hard way that their insurance had lot of gaps in the package.

XINSURANCE offers much-needed help to Florida homeowners, providing coverage to those who have been denied, non-renewed or canceled. What’s more, for those whose primary/standard homeowners policies have exclusions such as wind, flood, fire, collapse, mudslide, earthquake and more.  XINSURANCE provides all-in-one policy solutions with TRU Homeowners and TRU Umbrella that can cover these exclusions. With TRU Umbrella coverage insurance, each homeowner can get customized insurance solutions for a variety of risks leaded to better protection. There is no second-guessing or wondering if there are gaps in the insurance plan.

  • All liabilities covered in one umbrella insurance plan, including home, business, pets, vehicles and more.
  • Individuals and businesses are eligible for coverage of up to $10 million. (Higher amounts are available if necessary.)
  • XINSURANCE strives for a partnership approach with all customers to be able to offer them the best solutions.
  • All customers can have peace of mind knowing that XINSURANCE will defend them when they need to file a claim.

XINSURANCE brings many years of experience to Florida homeowners—and peace of mind—making it easier for them to receive true umbrella coverage covering exclusions, gaps and gray areas.

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