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xinsurance service and specialization

XINSURANCE Service and Specialization

Success usually follows when a business finds ways to create mutually beneficial relationships and outcomes for themselves and others. The foundation of the success of XINSURANCE has been in its ability to help individuals and businesses access the excess and surplus market.

Flexibility and resilience are central to the XINSURANCE team’s ability to craft customized coverage solutions for a wide breadth and scope of hard-to-place risks. Specializing in placing distressed, nontraditional, and challenging risks, XINSURANCE has become a source individuals and businesses depend on for insurance solutions.

Barbara Malkowski, SVP Marketing at XINSURANCE, says; “Whether a hardening or softening of the standard market, the emergence of new risks and trends or the shifting needs of our clients, we are able to see the opportunity in any challenge.”

XINSURANCE is a dba of Evolution Insurance Brokers, a full-service excess and surplus lines brokerage, and uniquely situates itself to provide direct access to underwriting expertise and risk management assessments. This access allows XINSURANCE  to be responsive to changes in the market in ways other brokerages cannot.

Much like any business, plateaus are abhorred. The team aims to grow and improve their business in ways that will enhance their responsiveness to the market others depend on.

“We strive to be seen as a trusted resource for those in the property and casualty insurance lines of business,” Malkowski says.

Malkowski’s remark is prefaced by the XINSURANCE team’s tireless work ethic to raise its profile among businesses and individuals as a premier and distinguished solutions-based company.  Their effort centers on a commitment to customer service and capacity to provide insurance solutions that are seldom found elsewhere.

Contact Barbara Malkowski at or 312-884-5801.