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Guides providing professional biking services can promote safety by ensuring customers wear helmets, dress in fluorescent or reflective clothing, and follow regulated road guidelines. Even with these precautions, the Center for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) still reports over 130,000 bike-related injuries and about 1,000 bicyclist deaths from road crashes yearly in the United States.

Specialty liability insurance, such as mountain biking insurance with XINSURANCE, helps protect guides and their business if accidents happen.

biking insurance and mountain biking insurance
biking insurance and mountain biking insurance


Why Liability Insurance Is Important for Biking Guides

Coverage helps protect against incidents during tours, classes, and other related cycling activities. Accidents could happen to even the most experienced athletes who follow safety roadside and biking guidelines. Operating your business with insurance helps reduce risks.

Biking liability insurance allows you to:

  • Prepare for accidents: Cycling-related accidents commonly include injuries to the knee, head, neck, back, and wrists.
  • Protect yourself: Coverage offers protection if biking incidents, claims, or lawsuits occur relating to your services.
  • Operate more confidently: Protection allows you to feel at ease while providing biking services for tourists or locals who love to exercise.

What Coverages Are Available with Biking Insurance

We have an all-in-one approach for mountain biking insurance that can provide all coverages under one policy. If you have gaps and exclusions in your current policy, we can cover those as well. Examples include:

  • Commercial general liability: Provides coverage for injuries and property damage sustained by third parties.
  • Commercial auto (available in most states): Provides auto liability coverage for your company-owned vehicle or personally-owned vehicle that is primarily used for business purposes.
  • Directors and officers (D&O): Protects people from personal losses if they are sued as a result of serving as a director or an officer of an organization.
  • Active shooter liability coverage: Liability protection in the event of an active shooting taking place at company property.
  • Communicable disease coverage: This is a policy enhancement that provides coverage for negligent exposure to any Declared Pandemic Disease or Pathogen, including COVID-19.
  • Equipment coverage: Coverage for equipment, including rentals, used on the job in case of malfunctions or theft.
  • Personal liability: Personal liability protection in the event of an accident and a claim is made against you.
  • Premises liability: Protects against claims for slips, trips, and falls on the property due to negligence.
  • Products liability: protects your business from claims that a product you made, sold, or distributed, caused third-party bodily injury or property damage.
  • Professional liability: Coverage for claims regarding negligent acts and more.
  • Property coverage: Covers the building and the contents within it from fires, storm or wind damage, vandalism, and theft.
  • Riot and civil commotion liability coverage: Liability protection against claims made from a riot or civil commotion.
  • Alleged assault and battery liability: Coverage for claims against you regarding assault and/or battery.
  • Alleged sexual abuse and molestation liability: Coverage for claims against you regarding sexual abuse and/or molestation.
  • Tru Umbrella / Excess liability: Additional coverage to fill the gaps and exclusions in your existing policy.
  • And more: We provide customized coverage solutions so let us know everything you want to have covered and we can find a policy that suits your needs!

Please note that we do not provide workers’ compensation.

Biking Coverage FAQs

Many topics like liability, risk, and limits relate to coverage in the biking profession. Learn about protection with XINSURANCE from these common questions and answers for policyholders:

  • When am I liable? Biking guides may become liable in work-related cycling incidents even with preventative safety measures.
  • How do I reduce my risk? If you’d like to reduce your risk, speak with our team about possible coverage solutions.
  • Do you have minimums or maximums? Because our plans offer customization, communicating and planning with our staff allows you to set minimums and maximums of up to $10 million and possibly higher based on your goals for coverage.
  • What types of bikes do you cover? We can provide coverage solutions for all types of bikes including road bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes, tandem bikes, and more!

Insurance for E-Bikes

Electric bikes or e-bikes, for short, are bicycles that can run on electric power as well as by pedaling. According to PC360, Saving a few dollars at the pump can potentially expose e-bikers to greater financial liability if they are found to be uninsured or underinsured following e-bike collisions. A report found that e-bike riders are more than three times more likely to have a collision with a pedestrian than either scooters or traditional bikes.

XINSURANCE can provide insurance solutions for e-bike companies, rentals, tours, and more!

Insurance for Bike Rental Companies

Bike rentals are widely popular and it seems many tourist destinations offer multiple bike rental company options. If your company provides bike rentals or offers bicycle tours, we can provide liability insurance solutions to you. Insurance for bike rental companies provides peace of mind to owners looking to protect their business and their assets.

Get Biking Insurance Today

Even with safety measures, not all injuries, incidents, or accidents can be avoidable, and coverage is essential in case those situations occur. XINSURANCE can offer third-party coverage if accidents happen while cycling in the gym, on trails, roads, city paths, or other routes. Biking insurance allows you to voyage and adventure with customers during tours or athletic sessions with fewer risks.

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XINSURANCE is a DBA of Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage, providing specialty liability insurance solutions. The company offers insurance solutions when an individual or business has been denied, canceled, or non-renewed by another insurance carrier.

XINSURANCE provides businesses and individuals with access to customized liability insurance policies that cover gaps in your traditional coverage. They provide you with true peace of mind. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, they will be your trusted partner. XINSURANCE will fight for you when no one else will.

How XINSURANCE Protects You From Liability

Insurance for biking guides can include professional liability, property coverage, general liability, special liability, and more coverages to fill gaps as needed. If you already have biking coverages, our staff can put together plans covering exclusions existing in your current package. We can also offer potential solutions to biking guides who don’t already have coverage, have been declined, non-renewed, or canceled by another insurance company.

Benefits of XINSURANCE biking insurance include:

  • All-in-one approach: Broader coverage lists all your exposures in one policy for your convenience.
  • Custom coverage: A customized plan can include communicating with underwriters and decision-makers about shared goals for limits, deductibles, premiums, and coverage.
  • Nationwide availability: XINSURANCE offers accessibility throughout all 50 states.

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