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Not every child comes from a secure home with two loving parents to support them. Some kids fall into the category of “youth at risk,” which means they face extreme threats while attempting to make the difficult transition to adulthood. Several factors may contribute to these circumstances, such as poverty, family dysfunction, abuse, neglect or a variety of adverse childhood experiences. Many of these children end up in a group home, a residential setting where they can receive the supervision and support they desperately need.

If you operate a group home, you undoubtedly understand the liability risks associated with working with troubled kids. Carrying the right amount of youth-at-risk insurance is essential for minimizing your exposure when violent attacks or allegations of abuse or negligence occur. However, group home liability insurance can be hard to come by, as many carriers tend to stay away from this type of risk.

group home insurance
group home insurance


What Can Youth Group Home Insurance Cover?

Group home liability insurance can cover the full gamut of risks that youth-at-risk homes face. We’ll work with you to develop a customized plan that encompasses some or all of these areas:

  • Commercial general liability: Covers bodily injury and property damage sustained by third parties. It pays for medical bills, legal defense, lawsuit judgments and settlements.
  • Alleged abuse and molestation liability: Protects against allegations of sexual misconduct against your staff members.
  • Alleged assault and battery liability: Protects against allegations of assault and battery against your staff members.
  • Professional liability: Supplies coverage for claims of malpractice or negligence made against staff members when caring for the children.
  • Employment practices liability: Provides liability protection regarding claims made by employees, such as harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination.
  • Directors and officers: Protects directors and officers of an organization from personal loss if they are sued for actions they may take in the course of their duties.
  • Commercial auto liability (not available in all states): Covers injuries and property damage sustained by third parties resulting from accidents involving vehicles owned by the home.
  • Commercial property coverage: Pays for damages to the building and its contents.
  • Premises liability: Covers injuries due to accidents that occur on the property.
  • Communicable disease coverage: Offers liability protection, resulting directly from a pandemic, in the event you are named in a lawsuit regarding a customer alleging they were exposed from your operation.

Depending on your needs, we can offer policies with liability limits of up to $10 million, or up to $20 million through our reinsurance partners. We do not provide workers’ comp.

XINSURANCE Has the Solution

XINSURANCE is a full-service liability insurance partner that has the expertise and resources to take on the most specialty commercial liability risks — like group home coverage. We provide solutions for individuals and businesses that can’t find it elsewhere, or that have been canceled or non-renewed by their current carrier. You’ll have true peace of mind knowing your assets are protected when an incident occurs.

Typical Group Home Insurance Scenarios

Your youth-at-risk insurance coverage protects your organization in situations like the following:

  • A visitor slips and falls on a wet spot on the floor. Your general liability insurance would pay for the medical bills and offer protection if the individual decides to sue you.
  • One of the children accuses a staff member of touching her inappropriately. Abuse and molestation coverage will protect you if the child’s family seeks compensation for bodily injury, as well as punitive damages for pain and suffering.
  • A director faces allegations of using the organization’s funds for personal use. This incident would fall under directors and officers insurance.
  • A counselor offers a child advice that ultimately leads to an action causing harm to that youth. Errors and omissions insurance will go into effect if the child’s family elects to file suit against the counselor and the home.


XINSURANCE offers complete support with every liability insurance policy we sell. You’ll have access to risk management services to help you identify your most likely loss exposures and implement steps to minimize their potential financial impact. With our all-in-one coverage protecting you from the exposures you face every day, you can serve the youth in your group home with true peace of mind.

We also operate a 24/7 claims hotline, ensuring we’ll be there to respond in your time of need. If you have an existing group home insurance plan, we’ll review it to check for gaps and exclusions that could leave you without coverage in some situations.

What Is the XINSURANCE Customer Journey Like?

We’ve removed the hassles from applying for liability insurance. To get started, fill out and submit our convenient online application form. Our underwriting team will review the app and contact you by phone to obtain additional information and discuss the risk in more detail. After the call, we’ll send you a no-obligation quote. If you choose to move forward, your new policy will be issued upon receipt of the initial premium. The entire process can take as little as 24 hours, ensuring you’ll get the coverage you need quickly.

Please contact us to get your free group home insurance quote today.

With XINSURANCE, you can purchase customized liability insurance coverage that will protect you in all the areas that your homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies won’t or can’t. Our underwriting team brings you over 40 years of experience, along with the ability to offer customized limits, coverage, deductibles, and premiums to create the perfect plan for your personal protection.

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