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In healthcare, there is no room for error; that is why healthcare professionals need an insurance policy that meets the needs of their business with an all-in-one custom approach. At XINSURANCE, we cover the gaps that current insurance partners might have by providing Independent Midwives Insurance for malpractice, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), professional liability – D&O, commercial general liability, alleged sexual abuse and molestation liability, exclusions on current policy, and excess coverage to healthcare providers and individuals so that they can continue working knowing they are completely covered with a policy that is made for them.

XINSURANCE provides insurance solutions for midwives, doulas, instructors, interns, and birthing centers. Fill out the form at the top of the page to get started on requesting a quote!

midwife insurance
midwife insurance


What Is Liability Insurance for Midwives, Doulas, and Birthing Centers?

Liability insurance for midwives, doulas, and birthing centers can protect you in the event of injuries or damages caused by medical practices of a natural or prescribed medicated birthing experience and related services.

In addition to compensating victims for medical bills or the cost of replacing or repairing their property, liability insurance may protect you if an injured party sues. Without the proper coverage, you could be responsible for paying thousands of dollars in damages.

At XINSURANCE, our customized umbrella policy for midwives, doulas, and birthing centers can offer the same coverage as other policies with more coverage to fill in gaps or exclusions to give you peace of mind.

How Does Liability Insurance for These Practitioners Work?

If a patient experiences a bodily injury during your services, your liability insurance for midwives, doulas, and birthing centers may cover the claim. This coverage often applies to medical bills, preventing your practice from paying them out of pocket. Your insurance may also cover costs associated with repairing or replacing property, like a client’s items that sustain damage during your services.

If the injured party files a lawsuit, your insurance may cover the amount awarded by a jury or judge and your legal expenses, up to the limits of your policy.

FAQs About Midwife Liability Insurance

Learn more about midwife liability insurance with these common questions and answers:

  • Do you offer insurance in all 50 states? XINSURANCE may offer coverage in all 50 states. However, some states have specific guidelines insurance partners must follow to provide coverage.
  • How does midwife liability insurance protect me and my business? Professional liability, general commercial liability, molestation and alleged sexual abuse liability, insurance for malpractice, and VBAC insurance may cover third-party bodily injury and property damage in case an incident or accident occurs. Obtaining a liability insurance plan may cover legal costs in the event a lawsuit is filed against a policyholder.
  • Is it hard to obtain medical malpractice insurance for midwives, doulas, and birth centers? While it may be challenging to get third-party bodily injury and property coverage based on unique circumstances for some practices, XINSURANCE aims to deliver an all-in-one approach and true peace of mind. We strive to offer plans for those whose policies have been declined, canceled, or non-renewed by another insurance partner.
  • How long does it take to get a quote for midwife liability insurance? If your online application meets all parameters, you should receive a quote soon after completing it. If we send your application to an underwriter, you will receive a timely and thorough response.




midwife insurance

According to the American Midwifery Certification Board, as of  August 2017, there were 11,826 CNMs and 101 CMs. Source

midwife insurance

60,000 out-of-hospital births occurred in 2014. 38,000 were home births and 18,000 took place at birth centers. Almost 90 percent of the home births were planned. Source

midwife insurance

CNMs who practice “defensively” can drive healthcare costs up and open the CNM to potentially more malpractice cases because of the complications or side effects of unnecessary tests/procedures. Source

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