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Healthcare practitioners must adhere to the highest standards of care when treating and advising their patients. Although we sometimes view physicians and nurses as infallible, they are human and are capable of making mistakes. A misdiagnosis or error in judgment can make a patient’s condition worse, or in some cases, contribute to their death.

Patients who believe that their doctor or nurse was negligent when diagnosing or treating their illness or injury may decide to take legal action in an attempt to recover a monetary award. Did you know that almost half of physicians 55 or older reported in 2022 that they had been sued at some point in their careers? A successful lawsuit could have severe professional and personal consequences for a healthcare provider. Because of the high risk, these practitioners must carry sufficient medical professional liability insurance coverage to protect them from a substantial financial loss.

UPDATE (12/5/2018)  Professional Liability for Physicians can now cover writing scripts and prescribing cannabis.

medical professional insurance
medical professional insurance


XINSURANCE Offers Comprehensive Medical Professional Liability Insurance Solutions

At XINSURANCE, we specialize in providing insurance solutions to liability risks that other insurance providers aren’t willing to assume, including individuals who work in the healthcare profession. If you’ve been canceled, non-renewed, or denied coverage elsewhere, we’re able to step in and fill the void. We can offer an insurance solution with limits of up to $10 million ($20 million through our reinsurance partners), which means we can take on small and large risks alike.

What Does Medical Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

Also known as medical malpractice insurance, this coverage protects against a wide range of liability claims that may arise when treating a patient:

  • Mistakes/oversights: A physician could fail to detect a sign of illness during an examination or make an error while administering treatment. Malpractice insurance will protect the doctor if the action (or inaction) worsens the health of the patient, who then decides to sue.
  • Negligence: This term refers to the failure to take proper care when administering treatment. Professional liability insurance would cover a situation such as a doctor or a nurse not cleaning a wound thoroughly and causing an infection.
  • Wrong diagnosis/incorrect advice: Professional liability insurance would cover scenarios such as a doctor misdiagnosing an illness or injury or offering medical advice that harms a patient.

We Also Offer General Liability Insurance for Medical Practitioners

Healthcare providers also experience many of the same liability exposures that other business owners face. A general liability insurance policy protects against bodily injuries and property damage sustained by third parties that aren’t related to the administering of medical care.

Examples of the situations that a GL policy would cover include:

  • Injuries: Suppose a patient or visitor slips on a wet floor in a hallway while leaving a medical facility and breaks his leg. The GL policy would cover the individual’s medical bills, as well as any court-ordered payouts or legal costs resulting from litigation.
  • Property damage: In some situations, a member of the medical staff may need to handle the personal items of a patient who is receiving treatment at a healthcare facility. If these items sustain damage or mysteriously “disappear,” the PD component of a general liability policy would cover the loss.
  • Advertising injuries: These days, healthcare facilities, private practice physicians, dentists, and other medical professionals rely on advertising to market their services and attract new patients. For an additional premium, a general liability policy can cover any accidental injuries that may result from advertising practices, such as defamation (claims of damaging a competitor’s reputation via slander or libel) or copyright infringement (unauthorized use of the intellectual property of others).

Please note that XINSURANCE does not offer workers’ compensation insurance that covers work-related illnesses or injuries sustained by employees of healthcare facilities.


At XINSURANCE, we give our policyholders true peace of mind by providing the most comprehensive, customizable insurance solutions on the market. Our all-in-one protection means you won’t have to purchase several separate policies to fully protect your assets. You’ll enjoy the convenience and security of having all your liability coverages in one place.

We also deliver top-notch customer service from the time you contact us for a quote, during the application process, and for as long as you remain a policyholder. We’re proud of our exceptional claims service that saves time, eliminates hassles, and ensures the best possible outcome.

Enjoy a Smooth, Seamless Customer Journey

Applying for coverage from XINSURANCE is fast and easy. The process starts by filling out and submitting our online application form, which is followed by a phone call with our underwriting team to discuss the risk in more detail. We’ll then provide a no-obligation quote for your approval.

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Around 17,000 malpractice lawsuits are brought to court against doctors each year.

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