We offer a customized liability insurance policy for volunteer and retired physicians. We have worked with medical and healthcare professionals and practitioners who are concerned about liability issues but don’t know where to go for help. Everyone is subject to litigation and we can help you have peace of mind protection knowing your personal liability gaps are covered.

With our in-house claims handling, underwriting, policy services, and RMD, we provide a true, in-depth partnership from the beginning through the entire claims process. When we work together, we can fight the lawyers from taking your hard earned assets.


  • We provide you with the security of a legal defense plan designed around your individual risk exposure to protect your personal assets from loss
  • We provide the peace of mind that you will be able to afford sufficient legal defense in the event of a personal liability claim
  • Partnership approach – we want to protect you the way no other carriers have
  • We can cover any other activities you do outside the medical field, to plug all gaps in other policies you may carry
  • Free policy review!
volunteer physician retired physician

Know the Facts

12.1% of physician practice owners plan to retire in the next five years. Source

In 2016, there were an estimated 953,695 actively licensed physicians in the United States. Approximately 278,839 of them were 60 years of age or older. Source

Although state immunity laws provide some protections for physicians who provide volunteer medical services, they do not guarantee that physicians will not be sued as a result of volunteering their professional services. Source

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