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People with disabilities throughout the United States rely on paratransit services to get them to work and other places they need to go. Paratransit transportation supplements a local mass transit system by helping those who would otherwise be unable to access it. A paratransit fleet typically consists of vans and small buses equipped with wheelchair lifts to accommodate individuals with limited mobility.

Operating a paratransit company provides a much-needed service to any community, but it also presents some risks. Because these vehicles spend so much time on the road, the risk of an accident is high. An injured party could sue the service provider, resulting in a significant, potentially devastating financial loss for the company.

While liability insurance protects against these losses, it’s not easy to obtain a policy, as many insurance companies don’t want the exposure. If you’re looking for a reliable paratransit commercial insurance partner, XINSURANCE is ready to help.

paratransit insurance
paratransit insurance


What Can Paratransit Insurance Cover?

Your paratransit insurance policy features liability protection consisting of:

  • Commercial general liability: CGL offers general liability coverage for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims.
  • Commercial auto (available in most states): Provides liability coverage for injuries and property damage caused by paratransit vehicles.
  • New operators coverage: Offers coverage for new/inexperienced paratransit vehicle drivers.
  • Hired & non-owned auto: Hired auto insurance covers paratransit vehicles you lease or rent, while non-owned coverage applies when employees use their personal vehicles to provide paratransit services.
  • Individual liability: Provides personal liability protection for paratransit service company owners.
  • Communicable disease coverage: Offers liability protection, resulting directly from a pandemic, in the event you are named in a lawsuit regarding a customer alleging they were exposed from your operation.

In addition to liability insurance, you can also get the following types of commercial physical damage insurance, which covers damage to your company’s vehicles:

  • Collision: Pays for damages to your vehicle if it collides with another object or overturns or rolls.
  • Comprehensive: Covers non-accident-related damage like theft, vandalism, hail or fire.

Another type of essential insurance for paratransit companies is medical coverage, which pays for injuries sustained by your driver and passengers.

Besides paratransit buses and vans, insurance is available for vehicles such as ambulettes, medicars, autos owned by social services organizations and healthcare providers that offer transportation services to their patients.

Please note that we do not provide workers’ comp.

Typical Paratransit Commercial Insurance Claims

The following scenarios represent situations where your company will benefit from carrying paratransit insurance:

  • Your driver backs a van up to a wheelchair ramp and strikes a pedestrian he didn’t see in the path. The bodily injury component of liability insurance will cover the pedestrian’s medical expenses and provide lawsuit protection.
  • Your company’s van collides with the rear of another auto in heavy traffic, causing extensive damage. Your policy’s property damage coverage would pay to repair the other vehicle, while the collision component of physical damage protection will cover the repairs to your van.
  • You come out to your business facility’s parking lot one morning and discover that one of your paratransit vans has been stolen. If you have comprehensive coverage, your policy will compensate you for the loss.
  • One of your drivers travels too fast around a sharp curve, resulting in an injury to a passenger. Your policy’s medical coverage would pay for the passenger’s medical bills.


XINSURANCE is a leading insurance partner of excess and surplus liability insurance for specialty commercial liability risks. If you have been non-renewed or canceled by a paratransit insurance company, we can offer the all-in-one coverage your business needs to protect its assets after an accident or incident. No risk is too big or too small for us — policy limits of up to $10 million ($20 million through our reinsurance partners) are available. You’ll have true peace of mind knowing you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

What Makes Us Different From the Rest?

At XINSURANCE, our flexible underwriting enables us to handle risks that the standard insurance market won’t cover. We also provide superior service every step of the way. With our risk assessment service, you’ll be better able to identify your most prominent exposures and develop a plan to minimize your risk. If you have a claim, you can reach us 24/7 to get the reporting process started. And with our vast claims expertise, you’ll experience a smooth, seamless settlement process, even in situations where a potential lawsuit arises.

Our Fast, Stress-Free Application Process

We also believe that getting the insurance your business needs shouldn’t be a hassle. Our streamlined process begins by filling out and submitting our online application form. Our underwriting team will review the information and contact you by phone to discuss your situation in more detail. We’ll then issue a no-obligation quote. If you agree to the terms and pay the first premium, your new policy will be issued promptly.

Contact XINSURANCE to get your paratransit commercial insurance quote today. We’ll also be happy to review your current coverage and make recommendations for changes or upgrades.

With XINSURANCE, you can purchase customized liability insurance coverage that will protect you in all the areas that your homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies won’t or can’t. Our underwriting team brings you over 40 years of experience, along with the ability to offer customized limits, coverage, deductibles, and premiums to create the perfect plan for your personal protection.

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