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Specialty insurance solutions for exotic car rental companies and drivers.
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Whether you're renting an exotic car or if you own an exotic car rental company, XINSURANCE can provide insurance solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Exotic cars have exceptional performance and speed and those who drive them want to feel this experience. As as a result, exotic cars have innate risk. Personal auto policies don’t cover exotic cars or rentals and it can be hard to get the proper coverage you need for you or your business. Fortunately, we have led the way in exotic car rental insurance solutions and we are here to help you.

Why The Need for Exotic Car Rental Insurance?

The need for exotic car rental insurance will depend on who you are. Exotic car rental companies need liability insurance to safeguard their expensive vehicles from potential damage costs, to be legally compliant and follow local laws, and to help protect themselves in the event of an accident, incident, claim, or lawsuit.

Those who rent exotic cars will want liability insurance because it can cover expenses if you’re in an accident causing damage or injury, it is likely legally required to drive with insurance, and to help protect yourself from the risks and liabilities that exotic cars pose.

In short, liability insurance is a safety net for both the rental company and the renter. It protects your investment, keeps you legally compliant, and safeguards your financial well-being. It’s a smart choice that ensures a worry-free and enjoyable exotic car rental experience.

Who We Can Help With Exotic Car Rental Insurance

  • Exotic Car Rental Companies
  • Exotic Car Renters
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Renters Liability

Covers physical damage to the rented vehicle(s).

Commercial General Liability

This covers third-party property damage and third-party bodily injury resulting from the insured’s use of the rental vehicle(s).

Personal Liability

This coverage protects individuals from liability claims due to mishaps resulting from their personal activities when operating the vehicles. Learn more.

Fleet Insurance

If your business owns several exotic rental cars, this insurance covers all the vehicles under one plan.

Commercial Auto*

Provides a combination of liability, physical damage — collision and comprehensive — and medical payments for companies that own and rent out exotic cars. Learn more.

*Available in most states

TRU Umbrella

Additional coverage to fill the gaps and exclusions in your existing policy. Learn more.

Personal Auto

We can provide personal auto insurance solutions for exotic car owners!

Alleged Assault and Battery Liability

Coverage for claims against you regarding assault and/or battery.

Alleged Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability

Coverage for claims against you regarding sexual abuse and/or molestation.

Active Shooter Liability

Liability protection in the event of an active shooting taking place on company property. Learn more.

Premises Liability

Protects against claims for slips, trips, and falls on the property due to negligence.

Professional Liability

Coverage for claims regarding negligent acts and more. Learn more.

Property Coverage

Covers the building and its contents from weather-related risks, vandalism, theft, and more. Learn more.

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FAQ About Exotic Car Rental Insurance Coverage

Is theft covered while rented?

No, theft coverage is not available. However, carjackings can be covered.

Do you offer general liability for my rental operations?

Yes, general liability coverage is offered for your rental operations among other coverages, all under one policy!

Do you offer auto liability for my rental operations?

Yes, we can provide auto liability insurance solutions in most states.

Do you offer physical damage coverage to the units?

Yes, we can cover physical damage on units that are stored, rented, and transported.

Do you offer personal auto insurance for exotic cars?

Yes, we can offer personal auto insurance solutions for any exotic vehicle!

Can you offer supplemental insurance for non-USA residents?

Yes, we can offer supplemental insurance for non-USA residents!

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More Information About Exotic Car Rental Insurance

What Is It Like To Drive An Exotic Car?

Driving an exotic car like a Ferrari is a vastly different experience compared to driving a normal car like a Toyota Camry. Exotic cars typically have powerful engines that deliver exceptional horsepower and torque, resulting in rapid acceleration and impressive top speeds.

Exotic cars are also known for their precise and responsive handling. They often feature advanced suspension systems, aerodynamics, and specialized tires that allow for sharp cornering and exceptional road grip. This makes them feel incredibly agile and responsive in the hands of an experienced driver.

Although it doesn’t relate to operating the vehicle, exotic cars will bring you more attention which is an experience unique in itself while driving a car. They feature striking and attention-grabbing designs that will draw considerable attention from other motorists and pedestrians.

What Are The Risks of Driving An Exotic Car?

When it comes to exotic car rental accidents, several common risks and challenges exist, often due to the unique characteristics of these high-performance vehicles. Here are five of the most common risks associated with exotic car rental accidents:

  1. Inexperienced Drivers: Many renters of exotic cars may not have experience driving such high-performance vehicles. The powerful engines, precise handling, and quick acceleration can catch inexperienced drivers off guard, leading to accidents.
  2. Excessive Speed: Exotic cars are known for their exceptional speed and acceleration. Some renters may be tempted to push the limits, leading to speeding violations and, in worst cases, accidents due to loss of control.
  3. Road Conditions: Exotic cars often have low ground clearance and may not be well-suited for adverse road conditions, such as wet or icy surfaces. Sudden weather changes can increase the risk of accidents.
  4. Limited Visibility: Exotic cars are sometimes designed with aesthetics and performance in mind, which can result in limited visibility for drivers. Poor visibility can lead to accidents, especially in situations where a clear view of the road is essential.
  5. Overconfidence: Some renters may overestimate their driving abilities or feel overly confident due to the prestige of driving an exotic car. This overconfidence can lead to risky behaviors and accidents.

Can I Be Insured if I've Been Dropped or Rejected by an Insurance Company?

Yes, XINSURANCE can help you even if you’ve been declined, canceled, or non-renewed by an insurance company. We step in to provide an insurance solution when others can’t or won’t.

What Coverage Do I Need for My Exotic Car Rental (or Company)?

The type of insurance coverage needed for exotic car rentals will depend on your unique circumstances. XINSURANCE does not provide a cookie-cutter policy that applies to everyone. Instead, we talk to you and learn more about you and/or your business. We then come up with an insurance solution that provides customized coverage based on your needs. This all-in-one approach allows you to pick which coverages you want to have on your insurance policy.

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What our clients say

Insurance for all activities. Excellent product with total coverage for WHEN you need that extra help.

– Dave H.

They are amazing and always there to help you if you have any questions or concerns.

– Arlene A.

XINSURANCE is very easy to deal with. We didn’t have to wait forever for the information we needed. And the whole process of finding a plan that worked for us was almost too easy.

– Leslie A.

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At XINSURANCE, we believe in taking an active role in defending the interests of our customers. When an insured is facing challenges such as frivolous lawsuits or unfounded charges, we take pride in staying by their side.

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The XINSURANCE approach to coverage is anything but “one size fits all”. Our specialty insurance experts work one-on-one with you to fully understand your circumstances, insurance needs, and high-risk areas up front. This means that by the time your policy is issued, we're fully prepared to support you through the worst-case scenarios — not drop you when an incident, claim, or lawsuit occurs.

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Though your policies won’t be “one size fits all,” XINSURANCE does take an all-in-one approach to insurance. This means that instead of buying several policies, we’re able to offer coverage solutions for your various needs all in one plan.

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