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We offer specialty Santa Claus liability insurance to keep the holidays jolly and worry-free of grinch-like lawsuits. Whether you work full-time, part-time, seasonal, or volunteer at a shopping mall or store, entertain crowds at parades or tree lightings or make appearances at holiday parties or charity events, we can offer a customized policy to continue having Santa spread some holiday cheer.


  • We provide you with the security of a legal defense plan designed around your individual risk exposure to protect your personal assets from loss
  • We have surprisingly low annual premiums
  • We provide the peace of mind, knowing you have a policy that protects your best interest, to keep the greedy, sue happy, naughty list people at bay and away from Santa’s hard earned assets
santa claus liability insurance

Know the Facts

santa claus liability insurance

Santas at shopping malls or department stores often work 10-hour shifts and see hundreds of children each day, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers.

santa claus liability insurance

ICSC found that 50 percent of parents with kids aged 13 or younger plan to make a trip to a shopping center for the express purpose of visiting Santa Claus.

santa claus liability insurance

A typical mall Santa will see over 10,000 children in the six week work period that is the Santa Holiday Season. This does not include the people that Santa will see at private parties. Source

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