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safety tips for taxi drivers

10 Safety Tips for Taxi Drivers

Driving a taxi can be a risky business. For the most part, customers tend to be decent and well-behaved. But, having a constant stream of strangers go in and out of your vehicle means that sooner or later, you’re going to come across someone less desirable. It’s not only customers that drivers need to worry about. External road and weather conditions and the taxi itself can present safety issues.

As a taxi driver, keeping safe on the roads should be your utmost priority. We recommend following our safety tips for taxi drivers.

Safety Tips for Taxi Drivers

1. Invest in and Install Technology

Technology can be your best friend. It’s easy and inexpensive to install. Dashcams and interior cameras can film anything untoward that occurs in the taxi or on the road. Should someone take you to court for any reason, the footage can back up your statements.

A good working radio relay system also means you can alert your dispatcher for assistance whenever necessary without relying on a phone. And a good GPS service will help you to get to your destination without getting lost.

2. Assess Your Customers

Just because someone has requested your taxi, it doesn’t mean you have to let them into your vehicle. If anyone seems obviously intoxicated or is acting erratically or aggressively, don’t accept their business. A quick chat will enable you to assess their behavior and decide what you want to do.

3. Keep Cash Hidden

Pulling out wads of cash in front of your passengers can be a red rag to a bull for those inclined to opportunism. Keep your cash hidden away. Deposit it at the depot as often as possible. Better still, adopt a cashless system where customers pay by card or via an online payment service.

4. Seat Passengers Where You Can See Them

One of our most important safety tips for taxi drivers is to ensure that you can see your passenger at all times. Be vigilant if someone gets in and sits directly behind you. Most driver assaults happen when the attacker sits right behind.

Ask your customer to sit across from you where you can see them. Say it’s company policy. Most people won’t think twice about complying. A would-be attacker will take issue. If this is the case, refuse their business and ask them to leave the vehicle.

5. Keep Your Vehicle in Great Condition

Your business is only as reliable as the car you drive. Therefore, it makes good business and safety sense to keep your vehicle in great condition. Have it maintained and serviced regularly to keep it 100% roadworthy.

6. Consider Weather Conditions

While a bit of heavy rain doesn’t usually present a problem, storms, snow, and strong winds can be extremely hazardous on the roads. Keep an eye on the weather. If it looks unsafe, stay at home.

7. Know Your City

Every town or city has areas that are better avoided. Don’t make pick-ups or drop-offs in areas with a high crime rate or are notorious for being unsafe. Collect your passengers from the main road. Don’t drive down back-streets or alleyways as this is where trouble usually occurs.

8. Stay Cool

We all have days where we’d rather have stayed in bed, but this cannot reflect your behavior to your customers. You never know how someone will react if you’re rude or grumpy towards them. Always remain professional, courteous, and give good customer service, even if the customer is irritating you. It might save you from harm.

9. Buckle Up

This should go without saying. Insist all passengers wear their seatbelts at all times. You must buckle up, too.

10. Get Insurance

Eventually, you’re going to come up against an incident that may or may not be your fault. The important thing to remember is that liability claims are expensive, so it’s vital you have liability coverage in place to protect yourself. Of all the safety tips for taxi drivers, this one is going to save you the most money and hassle in the long-run.

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Rick LindseyAuthored by Rick J. Lindsey, President, Chairman, and CEO of XINSURANCE

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