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Acroyoga Coverage: The Risks of Teaching Acroyoga

You have decided to make a living by teaching others about your greatest passion: Acroyoga. Perhaps you are starting a business as an independent teacher or are working as an instructor for a studio. However, liability must be addressed to ensure that your new career doesn’t cause financial ruin.

A student may sue an instructor or studio for a number of reasons. The person may be underinsured or have health insurance that excludes Acroyoga. He or she is then forced to seek compensation through litigation. Sometimes the consequences of an injury are so severe that its victim has good reason to sue. Finally, law firm advertisements are inducing more people to take legal action.


How Mistakes Can Happen

Although you have taken every precaution, you are working with people, and people make mistakes. As you know, Acroyoga is exacting and requires communication and trust between two people and their spotter. Your students are inexperienced and may attempt difficult acrobatic moves without a spotter. When a spotter is present, he may have lapses in focus just when help is needed.

Miscommunication between partners and bad judgment are the cause of many accidents. One partner is ready to perform a move while the other doesn’t feel up to it or is feeling fatigued, yet goes through with it anyway. The end result is a mistake that causes an injury. Miscommunication can also occur between the instructor and student.

Students may enter your course with preexisting injuries. Some types of injuries leave long-lasting weaknesses that don’t affect the person during her normal daily activities but leaves her vulnerable to the unusual physical stress of Acroyoga. For example, some concussions leave the victim more susceptible to future concussions. A knee to the head could be enough to cause a past concussion to recur. The concussed individual may be unaware of her injury and continue her session, which exacerbates the problem.

Note that even if an accident wasn’t your fault, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get sued. If a lawyer thinks he has a strong case, the lawsuit will happen.


Make Sure You Have Insurance Coverage

If you are working for an insured studio, make sure their coverage includes their instructors because many studios don’t. Injured students don’t necessarily limit their lawsuits to the studio, but may include the instructor as well. Remember that lawyers experienced in similar cases guide their clients’ decisions. They will cover all viable angles.



If you are relying on your own insurance, check the fine print for exclusions relating to Acroyoga coverage. Many insurance providers consider Acroyoga an extreme sport and don’t want to deal with it. Don’t risk financial ruin. Make sure you have the right insurance with adequate coverage. If you have any questions or require Acroyoga coverage, don’t hesitate to contact us.