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Do You Need AcroYoga Coverage?

Every AcroYoga instructor should have AcroYoga coverage. Even if the yoga studio you work with has its own insurance policy, most studios do not cover their instructors. If one of your students gets injured, you could be sued. If you’re teaching AcroYoga and you don’t have AcroYoga coverage, you could be putting you whole financial future at risk.

Most yoga studios have general liability insurance. This protects the studio in the event of a lawsuit. However, this policy usually excludes the instructors. Considering the acrobatic nature of AcroYoga, there’s a distinct possibility one of your students could get hurt. If they are able to prove their injury was your fault and not the studios, you may find yourself in financial hot water. Fortunately AcroYoga coverage is fairly affordable. Additionally, some insurance companies will give you a lower rate if you only teach a few classes a week.

Be careful when buying your professional liability coverage. Many insurance companies believe AcroYoga is an extreme activity. Therefore, they exclude it from most standard liability policies. Depending on your insurance provider, you may “need to buy a secondary policy.”

If you currently have liability insurance, make sure it covers AcroYoga. You should also ensure your policy covers “abuse/molestation, medical payments for students and professional liability coverage.” If your policy does not cover at least these things, it’s time to get better coverage.

If you’re interested in learning more about AcroYoga coverage, contact us. We’ll find an AcroYoga insurance policy that works for you.