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Landlord Liability Insurance

Landlord Liability Insurance

There are so many advantages to being a landlord — extra income and several tax benefits, not to mention, you’re your own boss. These days, being a landlord can be especially profitable, as the single-family rental (SFR) market has expanded significantly. According to the Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center, Single-family rentals (one-unit, attached and detached) account for 35% of the country’s 44 million rental units, compared with 31% in 2006.” Simply put, the single-family rental is the fastest-growing segment of the housing market. Yet, being a landlord can be a risky business, so why not invest in landlord liability insurance?

Landlord Liability Insurance

Although owning a rental property can be rewarding, it could also be risky. Say your tenant slips and falls after the common area floors have been mopped. Suppose your property has faulty security and an intruder breaks in, or the ceiling collapses above your tenant’s head. You’re looking at a costly lawsuit.

Case in point: a New York City woman sued and won the case against her landlord after he neglected to fix the ceiling in her bedroom that collapsed on her head while she was sleeping. Another example — a landlord neglected to investigate and discover an electrical defect that caused a fire that destroyed his tenant’s home and belongs. The tenant was awarded a $500,000 settlement. In another case, a Marin County man sued his landlord after falling down the stairs and was awarded $1.1 million by a jury.


Fact is, if you’re a landlord, you need protection against litigation in the event of an accident, injury or worse. Your best protection is Landlord Liability Insurance from XINSURANCE. XINSURANCE is a DBA of Evolution Insurance Brokers, an insurance brokerage. XINSURANCE provides customized specialty insurance for ever-changing risks and liability issues, including property and casualty insurance — and coverage for landlords.

With over 30 years of underwriting experience, XINSURANCE understands the unique liability risks that landlords face. Our experts can provide you with a wide range of solutions to manage and stay ahead of any risks that could affect your business. If you do need to make a claim, we’re your trusted partner, providing you with a legal defense and covering any damages awarded up to your policy limit.

Our Tenant Legal Liability coverage adds an additional layer of protection to your current coverage — and includes customizable limits of liability for fire, smoke, water damage and additional causes of loss. Now’s the time to protect your financial investment — and help take the risk out of being a landlord.


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