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Liability Insurance for Winter Activities

Liability Insurance for Winter Activities

‘Tis the season for holiday fun and cheer! Families and friends come together during this special time of year to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. There are many seasonal businesses out there that thrive in the wintertime; such as ski resorts, snowmobile rentals, holiday festivals or events, and more. Your business might be successful in the wintertime but are you prepared for the unexpected? Liability insurance for winter activities is a great way to be protected and prepared from the many risks you’re exposed to in the winter. XINSURANCE can provide the coverage so keep reading if you’re looking for help!

Winter Activities Covered:

In short, we help a countless number of companies, no matter their situation, so be sure to contact us to get a quote.

Here are some examples:

Common Risks

It’s obvious that a big factor in wintertime accidents is the weather. The snow, icy roads/sidewalks, and cold temperatures can cause a lot of problems for a lot of people in different ways. People slip and fall all the time on snowy/icy walkways as do cars and trucks on the road. Falling on ice/snow and road accidents are the most common winter injuries and you could be held liable if someone is injured on your property or by using your vehicle/equipment.

Christmastime is no joke either. Check out these stats:

  • According to the CPSC, the latest data suggests there were more than 1,700 Christmas-related injuries between 2011 and 2015
  • Christmas tree and holiday decoration fires result in twice the injuries and 5 times more fatalities per fire than the average winter holiday fire
  • On average, 260 home fires begin with Christmas trees each year, resulting in 12 deaths, 24 injuries and $16.4 million in property damage.

There are all sorts of risks that you’re exposed to so don’t let one accident be a financial ruin to you or your business. If you have liability insurance for winter activities, your business can operate with true peace of mind.

Liability Insurance for Wintertime Businesses

It doesn’t matter if your business is new, small, or a fortune 500 company. We provide liability insurance solutions even if you’ve been dropped, non-renewed, or canceled. We are here to help you if you’re struggling to get liability insurance for the winter season. No matter what the case may be, don’t be a victim of insufficient coverage. Let XINSURANCE be your partner and give you true peace of mind via liability insurance for winter activities so you can focus on running a successful business.


We provide customized insurance coverage solutions through an all-in-one approach to fit your needs. XINSURANCE’s All-In-One approach covers all exposures under one policy. No more limiting coverage and no more doubt in your insurance policy. Whether you have an existing policy or not, we fill the gaps to provide you peace of mind.

We can provide solutions to any of these coverages under one policy:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Equipment Coverage
  • Commercial Auto (not available in all states)
  • Professional Liability
  • Spectator Liability
  • Excess Medical
  • Property Coverage
  • D&O, E&O
  • Wrongful Acts
  • Animal Liability
  • Alleged Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability
  • Alleged Assault & Battery Liability
  • And More!

XINSURANCE & Liability Insurance for Winter Activities

XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC, an excess and surplus lines brokerage. We provide specialty customized insurance solutions for businesses and individuals. Our underwriting team brings you over 40 years of experience, along with the ability to offer customized limits, coverage, deductibles, and premiums to create the perfect plan for your protection.  If you’ve been denied, non-renewed, or canceled coverage, we can help. We take on risks others simply can or will not.

XINSURANCE is a proud member of the Michigan Festivals and Events Association.

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