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Pilot Liability: The Perks of Holding a Private Pilot’s License

Many earthbound people perceive the world of private aviation as a collection of pilots who fly around in small helicopters. Beyond this and perceptions of danger and risk, little thought is given.

However, to many aviation enthusiasts, it’s a lifestyle like no other. Here are four reasons why:

1 – It’s Less Stressful Than Driving a Car

With stop-and-go traffic, road construction, aggressive drivers, tailgaters, and speed traps, driving can ruin your day. Is a vacation even worth the stress and aggravation of going to your destination by car? Flying to a vacation spot is three to four times faster, won’t elevate your blood pressure, and will always provide a great view. Flying also enhances the vacation experience.

2 – It Expands Your World

Before there were cars, people were mostly limited to their local towns. Automobiles changed this and extended the range of travel. A helicopter extends this even further by a factor of three or four. This significantly increases your travel options. If you’re a skier for example, a helicopter gives access to more skiing areas over the weekends.

3 – It’s a Gateway to Other Activities

With a private pilot’s license, you can take lessons in aerobatics. But if pulling hard G-forces as an aerial daredevil isn’t for you, you can ride thermals as a glider pilot. According to the Soaring Society of America, the requirements for a pilot with a power plane license to qualify to take the glider flight test are fairly minimal.

4 – You Can Make a Difference

You can make a difference to the lives of people in need. Some chronically ill individuals must travel long distances to get the medical treatment they need. Travel by air is faster and more comfortable than by ground. There are a number of non-profit organizations that connect pilots with these people.

If you’re a pilot, protecting your lifestyle, assets, and financial well-being should be a priority. Unfortunately, your lifestyle will always be shadowed by the specter of a lawsuit should an accident cause injury and/or property damage. Check your insurance coverage for pilot liability gaps and contact us at XINSURANCE with your questions or concerns.