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Pumpkin Patch Liability Insurance

Fall is almost upon us, which can only mean one thing. In no time at all, kids will be heading in droves to the nearest pumpkin patch. For families, there is no better destination to revel in the cool weather, admire nature’s beauty, and get a rare glimpse into rural life. The pumpkins themselves are a great attraction (and a necessity come October 31st), but patch owners have added a great deal of entertaining features to make the experience that much more memorable. Some of these activities (hayrides, pony rides, mazes, etc) are tremendously enjoyable for children, but they could also be potentially hazardous. If something were to go wrong, patch owners would likely be held accountable. However, there is a way for them to lessen their risk by purchasing pumpkin patch liability insurance to protect themselves and their business from civil claims.

With thousands of kids visiting your pumpkin patch, it’s important to have a custom pumpkin patch liability insurance coverage plan to fill in the gaps of traditional business plans that don’t cover liabilities associated with kids getting injured or worse. Each plan is custom shaped to suit each patch’s specifications (size of the property, activities, events, etc), so that the most amount of coverage can be provided at an affordable premium. Without an effective specialty insurance plan in place, you’re putting your business and yourself at huge risk every time a family or field trip visits your pumpkin patch.