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San Jose Gun Owners May Soon Be Required to Carry Liability Insurance

San Jose Gun Owners May Soon Be Required to Carry Liability Insurance

For the first time ever, a United States city is trying to require liability insurance for gun owners. San Jose wants to require gun owners to carry liability insurance and pay the city a fee to spare taxpayers the financial toll of gun violence. This proposed law has not yet been approved the city attorney is expected to bring the draft ordinance to the council in September for a vote. Some details are still being worked out, like how much the fee would cost every year, who should be exempt, how soon will the gun owners have to get insurance, and insurance requirements. Source: Mercury News

San Jose, California will probably not be the only city to consider this new law as gun violence increases in the United States. Finding a firearms and concealed carry a liability insurance policy that actually covers you, especially when a lawsuit, claim, or incident occurs, can be difficult to find. Fortunately, XINSURANCE is here to provide the solution.

About XINSURANCE and Firearms Liability Insurance

If you’re a San Jose resident who owns a gun, we can help you if this law gets approved.

First and foremost, XINSURANCE stands behind its customers. We offer insurance protection, a partnership approach, and a defense if you are named personally in a lawsuit.

Responsible people like you who are licensed to own a firearm understand that it is imperative to have a safety and liability protection plan in place. Traditional insurance policies can severely limit or exclude coverage when handling a firearm, which could leave you exposed to serious individual liability risks.

XINSURANCE is Powered By Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage, specializing in liability insurance solutions for businesses and individuals who are in need of insurance. If you’ve been declined, canceled, non-renewed, or have a claims history, we can help you! With primary, excess, and umbrella coverage available in all 50 states, we provide true peace of mind.

Firearms & Concealed Carry Coverages

Available coverages include firearms liability (open and concealed carry), legal liability (accidental discharge), bond payment, and civil suit defense.

We also offer legal defense provided up until a court of competent jurisdiction enters a finding of guilt, at which time no further coverage is available under the policy and we will seek reimbursement for the cost of the legal defense.

Be Prepared and Get Started Today!

If you live in San Jose and need a liability insurance policy for your firearm(s), please head over to our Firearm & Concealed Carry Liability Insurance page to learn more and request a quote.

This policy is not just for San Jose, remember, XINSURANCE can provide firearms liability insurance solutions in all 50 states!