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heli skiing insurance and heli boarding insurance

Why You Need Heli-Skiing Insurance and Heli-Boarding Insurance

With the influx in popularity of this elitist snowsport comes risk. According to a recent report, heli-ski fatality found 19.4 deaths per million skier days between 1970 to 2016. 85 percent of these were related to avalanche fatalities.

Even though that seems quite a low statistic, if you’re considering doing this sport, then make sure you have heli-skiing insurance or heli-boarding insurance.

Winter sports aficionados feel the draw to push themselves further. Also, infrastructure at ski resorts with their helipads, usually reserved for mountain rescue, is now giving access to off-piste skiing areas and access to pristine slopes and powder runs.

Heli-skiing offers an incredible experience for customers. However, because it’s an extreme sport, you need to make sure you’re fully protected, and that warrants designated heli-skiing insurance. Read on to find out more.

What Is Heli-skiing And Heli Boarding

Heli-skiing or heli-boarding is also known as helicopter skiing or helicopter boarding. It is a type of backcountry skiing or boarding. They consist of free-riding, which involves a helicopter (hence the name) to difficult-to-access slopes or remote areas to find virgin powder snow.

The sport is aimed at adrenaline-seeking and adventurous off-piste skiers and boarders.

Thanks to the successful development and showcasing on social media, it’s now becoming an increasingly popular variation among recreational skiers and snowboarders.

Risks Involved With Running A Heli-Skiing Business

There are numerous risks involved with the whole heli-skiing experience; it’s even banned in a lot of destinations. Running a heli-ski business will involve taking out a pretty comprehensive extreme sports insurance that covers you for heli-boarding liability and risk.

Heli-Ski Risks

Heli-skiing comes with the same risks associated with regular on-piste skiing. However, there is a multitude of other things you’ll have to take into consideration. This is why tailored sports insurance will be necessary as part of your business plan.

Avalanche Risk

This is one of the primary concerns when it comes to safety. A small handful of operators use the technique of blasting to help minimize the risk of avalanches. Other operators will stick to slope avoidance techniques.

Whichever method you use, guests should be given safety briefings and avalanche beacons. They should also be equipped with a shovel and probe and airbags to minimize the likelihood of avalanche burial.

The Helicopter

Flying by helicopter doesn’t come without risk, and is dependent on the skill of the pilot. The quality and maintenance of the helicopter, and of course, the terrain around the chopper will also impact risk.

Other backcountry hazards for helicopters include tree wells, crevasses, unmarked cliff bands, sudden changes in weather, and getting lost.

Does Standard Travel Insurance Cover Heli Skiing?

Unfortunately, standard travel insurance policies will not cover hazardous activities. On most occasions, you can buy bolt-on packages specifically aimed at adventure sports or winter sports. However, it’s worth noting that even the winter sport bolt-on policy probably won’t cover you for heli-skiing.

Do You Have To Have Heli-Ski Insurance?

Any reputable company will insist that you have adequate insurance to take part in heli-skiing or heli-boarding. The company itself should have an insurance policy in place for accidents. They will also need to know that you have personal liability coverage if the worst should happen.

You should be very wary of any company willing to take you heli-skiing without a policy, if something were to happen, tens and thousands of dollars in rescue and medical bills.

Why You Need Heli-Boarding Insurance And Heli-Skiing Insurance

If you’re running a heli-skiing venture, then you need to make sure that you’re adequately insured. A standard travel policy, even with sports coverage as a bolt-on option won’t clever you for this activity.

Because this sport is quite specific, spend time going through the small print to find out if you’re covered. Good policies are available and often come at a premium, but the extra expense now could easily save you a lot more later.

Heli-skiing is generally safe, but with all adventure sports, there will always be a degree of inherent risk, some we mentioned above. Although a responsible business will endeavor to run heli-ski trips safely, as a participant, you acknowledge and accept this risk.

Find an insurer with a tailored policy for heli-skiing and backcountry skiing and that gives a comprehensive level of coverage. Your insurance should include avalanche cover, mountain rescue, and injuries.

What Should A Heli-Ski Business Insurance Policy Cover?

When you’re searching for a quote for heli-skiing, there are some items that your policy should cover. These range from covering property damage to protecting your skiing equipment.

  • Commercial general liability
  • Equipment rental liability
  • Excess medical
  • Personal liability
  • Professional liability
  • Property coverage
  • True umbrella / excess liability
  • And more

Do Helicopter Skiers Need Insurance Too?

We can offer personal liability to anyone taking part in heli-skiing or heli-boarding. XINSURANCE can also offer rescue and evacuation coverage as part of your policy.

Are You Fully Insured?

If you’re looking for a tailored policy with the most comprehensive cover, then take a look at the heli-skiing insurance and heli-boarding insurance with XINSURANCE. We provide customized insurance solutions for both sports and cover you and your business for everything involved with going off-trail and dropping out of a helicopter into unchartered pistes.

We know how difficult it can be to find a policy that covers the unique risks involved with this sport. Contact one of our expert brokers who will be happy to discuss your insurance needs and tell you more, or get a quote. Visit us at XINSURANCE or drop us an email at

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