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Guard Dog Liability


Lots of people want dogs to keep them safe or look after things, so they buy dogs that are trained to be guard dogs or protection dogs. Guard dogs have been trained to bark at strange people and sometimes they even attack people that come near them.

Guard dogs are very important to people but if you ever see a guard dog, it’s better to leave it alone as it might bark, bite, or attack. This is the dogs’ job.

Guard dogs will still always be your devoted pet and playful family companion but even with the right training, an accident or claim can always occur anytime, anywhere.

If you want an extra level of safety in your life, a dog can protect you, your home, and alert you to danger. If you want an extra level of safety in your life, XINSURANCE is here to help.

guard dog liability

Know the Facts

guard dog liability

According to the CDC, about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year and about 885,000 require medical attention for these injuries; about half of these are children. Senior citizens are the second most common dog bite victims.

guard dog liability

Research has shown that on average, over 65% of criminals are unlikely to attempt breaking and entering a property if they know there are guard dogs. Source

guard dog liability

According to the I.I.I., dog bites (and other dog-related injuries) accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claim dollars paid out in 2015, costing in excess of $570 million.

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