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Fraternities and sororities both have unique risks that many insurance providers choose not to cover. Most of these social organizations have built up a reputation for decades with certain standards to uphold. The last thing a fraternity or sorority needs is a claim or lawsuit filed against them that, without insurance, can tarnish their reputation or even disband the organization altogether. That is why fraternity insurance or sorority insurance is a must-have.

Insurance for fraternities and sororities provides customized coverage tailored to the organization’s needs. Even if you’ve been canceled, denied, or non-renewed, we can help. Large or small, we can help fraternities and sororities across the country – even if there’s a claims history. For true peace of mind, XINSURANCE is here to help.

insurance for fraternities and insurance for sororities
insurance for fraternities and insurance for sororities


What Can Fraternity Insurance or Sorority Insurance Cover?

Fraternity insurance and sorority insurance can help protect the owners of the organization and any other individuals who may be held liable if a claim or lawsuit occurs.

Examples of available coverages include:

  • Commercial general liability
  • Commercial auto (available in most states)
  • Hired & non-owned auto
  • Host liquor liability
  • Directors & officers liability
  • Property
  • Active shooter coverage
  • Damage to dented premises liability
  • Special events
  • Personal & advertising injury
  • Communicable disease coverage
  • Alleged sexual abuse & molestation liability
  • Alleged assault & battery liability
  • Tru Umbrella
  • Excess Liability
  • Package or mono-line
  • Occurrence form available

Please note that we do not provide workers’ comp.


XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus line insurance brokerage. We’re a full-service liability insurance partner that helps cover the most challenging risks. We provide access to primary, excess, and umbrella coverage so you’ll have true peace of mind knowing you have a trusted partner by your side whenever an accident or incident occurs.

Why Choose XINSURANCE for Fraternity Insurance or Sorority Insurance?

At XINSURANCE, we support the policies we sell with top-notch customer service. With our flexible underwriting and all-in-one approach, we can cover “unique” risks under one policy to maximize true peace of mind. Our in-house risk management team and claims team are here for you whenever you need them. With XINSURANCE, you won’t have to worry about your insurance and if you’re covered – you’ll have a team dedicated to you and your organization.

Get Your Free Quote - Insurance for Fraternities and Sororities

There are 2 ways you can get your free quote for insurance for fraternities and sororities. One way to request a quote is to fill out our online application. It should take you just a few minutes to fill out and then once our underwriting team receives your application, we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss your situation and provide a quote.

The other way is to simply call us at 877-585-2853. Underwriters are standing by to answer any questions you have about our insurance policy and getting a quote.

If you already have an insurance policy in place, we’d be happy to review it for you at no cost to you, to simply look for any exclusions or gaps that may be leaving you vulnerable.

With XINSURANCE, you can purchase customized liability insurance coverage that will protect you in all the areas that your homeowners, employers, and business insurance policies won’t or can’t. Our underwriting team brings you over 40 years of experience, along with the ability to offer customized limits, coverage, deductibles, and premiums to create the perfect plan for your personal protection.

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