At a trampoline park, jumping high in the air and getting lots of hang time can be quite the thrill. As an owner, you probably love to see your customers bouncing around, smiling, and having a good time. But what happens when a customer falls and sprains an ankle? Will a lawsuit be filed against you? Are you prepared for litigation? To keep your business up and running, you’re going to want customized liability insurance for trampoline parks so you can be worry-free.

With XINSURANCE, you will have the customized coverage you need through our all-in-one approach. By reviewing your operations and experience level, we create a policy made to fit your needs. Thus, no matter the trampoline park and no matter the risk or history, we are here to help you.

Know the Facts

Insurance for Trampoline Parks

The International Association of Trampoline Parks reported that there were an estimated 50 million North American visits in the past year to the parks, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Insurance for Trampoline Parks

Sprains are 61% more likely at trampoline parks than at home and dislocations are twice as likely.

Insurance for Trampoline Parks

In 2016, It estimated that there were 103,512 ER visits due to trampoline accidents among kids under 18.


XINSURANCE, Powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, is a proud member of IATP (International Association of Trampoline Parks).


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