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akita liability insurance

Akita Liability Insurance Coverage

One thing is certain, Akitas are furry bundles of joy and cuteness. Originally from Japan, this highly energetic, active, and bold dog breed is among the most loyal and protective.

While these features make the perfect best friend, they can also be a liability. Akitas, better known as Akita Inus, have a powerful scissor-shaped jaw, similar to a Pitbull’s, with 350-400 PSI a bite force. This means their bite can cause severe damage to another person or property.

That’s why you should consider Akita liability insurance in the unfortunate event your dog bites someone or damages property.

What Is Akita Liability Insurance, And Can I Qualify For It?

Akita liability insurance is a type of coverage you can purchase for your homeowners or renters policy that protects you in the unfortunate event your dog bites someone or damages their property. Some companies won’t offer animal liability insurance to certain breeds.

An Akita can fall into one of two categories: a typically ineligible breed, like a Pitbull, and breeds that may be ineligible depending on individual circumstances (your dog’s behavior history) or cost (the likelihood of this breed being involved in an incident).

Why Do You Need Akita Liability Insurance?

If you live in the United States, the law mandates you to carry liability insurance for your pet. This is mostly useful if your dog has been declared a “potentially dangerous breed” or most likely to bite.

As an owner, guardian, or handler of the Akita breed, you need to know this dog was originally bred for hunting boar and bear in Japan. They were designed to work independently from their handlers. You might notice their strong prey drives and don’t always follow commands from strangers as well as other dogs might.

Though Akitas are loyal to their guardians, they sometimes react aggressively toward people they don’t know, especially children. So, if your Akita bites someone while they’re trying to pet or play with them, you could be held liable (responsible) for any injuries or damages resulting from the bite.

Don’t wait until your dog bites anyone or destroys property. Start by learning about your state’s laws regarding potentially dangerous dogs. Then make sure you’re following them before there’s any chance of an incident occurring with your beloved companion that could lead to financial trouble down the road.

What Constitutes Your Akita Liability Insurance?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), there are nearly 4.5 million dog bites in the United States annually. Out of these, 800,000 required medical attention.

Furthermore, data from the Information Insurance Institute (III) notes that bites from your Akita could cost you a whopping $50,000 or more. Even more, reasons to get Akita insurance.

It also pays to know what that insurance coverage can offer:

  • Third-party bodily injury caused by your dog
  • Third-party property damage caused by your dog
  • Coverage for legal defense costs, up to the limits of your policy
  • Medical payments to others

Akitas Are Among the Banned Dog Breeds

Having an Akita can be a lot of fun. However, it’s important to remember that these dogs are large and can cause severe damage if they aren’t properly trained. Sadly, some latest reports indicate more than 70 Akita attacks cases, which resulted in several fatalities. Worse still, some of these attacks happened to children in their own homes.

The energetic, huge-built, and powerful nature of the Akita is why the dog is considered potentially dangerous. That’s why most homeowners insurance companies have banned the breed along with other breeds, including:

  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Pitbull
  • Rottweiler
  • Chow Chow
  • Wolf dogs and wolf hybrids
  • German shepherd
  • Husky
  • Alaskan malamute
  • Presa Canario (Canary dog)
  • Mastiff
  • Among others

In such cases, the best course of action is to purchase third-party liability coverage, such as Akita liability insurance from XINSURANCE.

How to Get Quotes For Akita Liability Insurance?

If you’re looking for quotes of Akita liability insurance, you can do that through a comparison site or via specialist insurance providers. It’s worth finding a direct insurance partner, such as XINSURANCE, who provides coverage for your Akita rather than generic categories of dog.

Some insurers will provide coverage for all dogs except potentially dangerous breeds, while others will refuse to provide coverage if they consider the animal dangerous.

Compare the limits and excess levels of all the quotes you receive. These two things decide how much your policy costs and what it includes. One truth remains, the right Akita insurance will save you lots of money in out-of-pocket payouts.

Taking Care of Your Akita

Akitas can be fantastic companions and members of your family. However, their strength and large body size might not suit your home, especially if you are an inexperienced dog handler, owner, or guardian.

This dog breed requires lots of exercise, training, and attention to ensure they are happy. Additionally, Akitas (especially purebred) are prone to numerous health issues such as:

  • Acquired Myasthenia Gravis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Gastric Volvulus
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • Skins issues, such as VKH (Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada) syndrome
  • Eye health challenges such as glaucoma, cataracts, entropion, ectropion, progressive retinal atrophy, and multifocal retinal dysplasia.
  • Autoimmune disorders such as sebaceous adenitis and Hypothyroidism

Due to their overprotective nature, your Akita can be wary of strangers. You should train and socialize it from its early life to ensure it matures into an inclusive dog. They are playful, energetic, and intelligent. So ensure you keep them occupied, lest they utilize their boredom to cause chaos and damage to your property or others.

Fortunately, there are plenty of experienced and skilled dog trainers, handlers, and accredited dog behaviorists. If you can’t find one, you can consult your vet for a reliable referral. While they are adventurous and love walks, you should always keep your Akita leashed, especially in public spaces.

Grooming comes doesn’t come easy with Akitas. They have short and dense fur, which means they shed bucket loads! Having some grooming equipment such as brushes will help you brush the dog and remove any shed hair around your house.

Caring for your Akita should be a priority. If you suspect something wrong with your dog, talk to your vet immediately.

Akita Liability Insurance from XINSURANCE

Unfortunately, very few insurance companies are willing to cover your Akita. The lack of animal liability insurance can take a toll on anyone.

At XINSURANCE, we understand this feeling all too well. That’s why as a DBA of Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage, we are the best insurance partner for Akita insurance. Our customized liability insurance solutions are just what the vet ordered for you and your family’s peace of mind and heart. Contact us to request a free quote today or if you want to learn more about our services.

Rick LindseyAuthored by Rick J. Lindsey, President, Chairman, and CEO of XINSURANCE

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