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Amusement park rides lit up at night | Amusement park insurance

Insurance for Amusement Rides

Amusement parks and rides are enormously popular with people of all ages, which makes them potentially lucrative businesses to run. Around 375 million people visit over 400 amusement parks every year. During the weekends or holidays, you can almost guarantee a queue to get on your ride or even enter the park.

The safety of your guests and staff is paramount. Even when vigilant, accidents occur, so it is important to have insurance for amusement rides in place.

Amusement Park Accidents are Common

In 2016, a staggering 30,900 individuals were seen in the emergency room with injuries sustained at an amusement park or while on a ride. In 2017, that figure rose to 43,406 people, with the majority of injuries occurring in children aged 14 and under.

Worse still, certain states do not regulate amusement parks. And those that do, do not have a body that oversees regulation, which leads to inconsistent and insufficient inspections.

Most accidents in amusement parks or on rides are caused by:

  • Negligence by the guest knowingly or unknowingly violating safety regulations
  • Negligence by the park or ride operator and failure to carry out safety inspections
  • Pre-existing medical conditions, whether diagnosed or not

Protecting Yourself With Insurance for Amusement Rides

With so many accidents occurring in the leisure industry, sooner or later, one could happen on your ride or in your park. As the owner, you’ll likely be considered liable. Lawsuits can financially ruin a business or damage your reputation to the point where no one wants to visit your amusement park again.

Having insurance for amusement rides will protect you if someone is injured while using your amusement facilities. If you are taken to court and proven liable, the coverage will pay for the claim, ensuring you’re able to keep your business afloat.

What Coverage is Included?

XINSURANCE is a specialty liability insurance brokerage with over four decades of experience in providing liability coverage for high-risk activities and businesses. We pride ourselves on being able to offer coverage, even if you already have a claims history or have been denied coverage in the past.

XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage, and we are in a unique position as we can offer customized coverage solutions via our “all-in-one” approach. We look at your operations and experience level to determine what kind of coverage will suit you best.

Our solutions to insurance for amusement rides includes:

  • Amusement parks and amusement rides
  • Theme parks and theme park rides
  • Family fun centers
  • Adventure parks
  • Trampoline parks and indoor trampolines
  • Inflatables, including bounce houses, inflatable water slides, inflatable rentals, inflatable mechanical bulls, and more
  • Special events

Insurance for amusement rides provides coverage for:

  • 3rd-party bodily injury, including ride-related injuries, slips, and falls
  • 3rd-party property damage
  • Advertising injury
  • Medical payments
  • Personal injury

XINSURANCE now provides communicable disease coverage as an optional add-on to your insurance policy. Other companies are tightening guidelines while we’re opening our eyes, providing solutions, and willing to offer communicable disease coverage to ensure our insureds don’t have any blind spots/gaps in coverage. Insurance for Amusement Rides should include this specialty coverage so the insured can operate his or her business with true peace of mind.

Our coverage is available in all 50 states.


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Rick LindseyAuthored by Rick J. Lindsey, President, Chairman, and CEO of XINSURANCE

Rick J. Lindsey hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. He began working in the mailroom of his father’s Salt Lake City insurance firm, getting his introduction to the business that became his lifelong career. Rick J. Lindsey quickly rose through the ranks while working in nearly every imaginable insurance industry job. As an entrepreneur, specialty lines underwriter, claims specialist, risk manager, and a licensed surplus lines broker, Rick J. Lindsey is highly skilled in all levels of leadership and execution. As he progressed on his career path, Rick J. Lindsey discovered an urgent need for insurers willing to write policies for high-risk individuals and businesses. He was frequently frustrated that he could not provide the liability protection these entities desperately needed to safeguard their assets. He also formed the belief that insurance companies acted too quickly to settle frivolous claims. Rick J. Lindsey decided to try a different approach. He started an insurance company and became the newly formed entity’s CEO. This opportunity has enabled Rick J. Lindsey to fill a void in the market and provide a valuable service to businesses, individuals, and insurance agents who write high-risk business. XINSURANCE also specializes in helping individuals and businesses who live a lifestyle or participate in activities that make them difficult for traditional carriers to insure. If you’ve been denied, non-renewed, or canceled coverage, don’t give up quite yet. Chances are XINSURANCE can help.