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Bar & Tavern Employee Liability Insurance

After a hard day’s work, nothing’s better than kicking back with some friends at the local bar or tavern to take off the stress of the day. But if you just happen to be a bartender or employee of that bar, you’ve got a few important things to think about first. Not only are you involved with customers, but you’re serving a drink that involves alcohol, and that could lead to trouble. Any bartender or bar employee that serves alcohol needs an in-depth liability insurance plan to cover any and all incidents that can occur on the property and protect themselves from potential lawsuits that may claim they’re at fault for serving a customer. It seems with a bar, you can never be too protected. Injuries to patrons who have consumed a large amount of alcohol or injuries to third parties by intoxicated persons are just some of the common occurrences that you should be prepared to deal with and they might try to hold you liable for any injuries.

In order to make sure you’re fully protected from any occurrences like this, all bartenders need to make sure they have the right bar employee liability insurance to cover themselves against any civil cases that make me filed against them. While many bartenders will work for decades without any incidents, it only takes one bad customer for a lawsuit to happen and it’s best to protect yourself before it’s too late.