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The Importance of Firearm & Concealed Weapon Coverage


According to the United States Government Accountability Board, there are over 8 million active concealed carry permits across the country.

Responsibly armed citizens are well-trained in gun safety, basic marksmanship, and local laws.  Additionally, many commit to improving skills, reciting laws, and perfecting situation awareness.  However, many overlook the vital consideration of concealed carry insurance coverage.

When you obtain a concealed carry permit, it is critical to obtain coverage for an accidental discharge that results in property damage or injury. Many people assume that if there is an accident, their homeowner insurance protects their freedoms and possessions. However, this not always the case. Some policies will not cover concealed carry damages, leaving you potentially responsible for all court costs and restitution.

Concealed Carry Insurance is an insurance policy that fortifies your homeowner’s insurance.  It covers you when there is an accident involving your firearm. Homeowner policies do not generally provide adequate coverage for accidents causing personal injury, property damage, or theft.

To confirm your coverage, check the “wrongful acts” clause of your homeowner’s policy. Specifically, research information noted as “intention of act”, self-defense” or “reasonable force.” In most cases, financial support is insufficient to protect your liberty and your property.


The Importance of Firearm & Concealed Weapon Coverage is broad and encompasses situations that seem unlikely. Yet, protection against such life events is imperative to those who carry firearms. Supplemental insurance provides protection and financial assistance in the following instances.

1-Negligence due to careless firing or accidental discharge

2-Accidents due to inadequate training or reckless handling

3-Liability due to unsafe storage or theft


A concealed carry permit is a privilege that comes with responsibility.


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