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Off-Duty Firefighter, EMT, & First Responder Liability Insurance

For first responders, saving lives is part of the job description. Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Emergency Response Teams, Evacuation and Rescue, Lifeguards, all of you go to great lengths to make the lives of complete strangers safer, often putting your own lives at risk. The most obvious aspect of this is your health, but what about other factors in which you might be exposed, like your financial security and livelihood? Don’t be mistaken, the majority of the American public is greatly appreciative of the work that you do, but that doesn’t change the fact that, unfair as it may be, the first to arrive are very often the first to be blamed if something goes awry. Your regular insurance policy may have gaps that could leave you susceptible to costly lawsuits.

Custom first responder liability coverage insurance plans are available to sew up all the holes that could be lurking in your conventional policy. Depending on your career, this could include: general liability, wrongful acts, property damage, failed CPR, weapons coverage, on duty and off duty, personal liability protection, professional liability, evacuating the disabled, and evacuating the seniors. The custom first responder liability plan can be shaped to specifically suit your needs, at an affordable price. You already work way too hard, putting your own health at risk for the benefit of others. Whether you’re a firefighter, paramedic, rescue worker, or lifeguard, you know that in an emergency situation, one mistake can lead to grave consequences. Don’t make the mistake of working without a custom first responder liability coverage insurance plan in place.