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Your “Just in Case” Insurance

I used to get made fun of as a kid.  I was the one who came to school with a backpack as big as I was, filled to its capacity with school supplies.  From pencils to gauze pads (just in case my pencil slipped when writing notes and I cut my hand, of course), I had it all tucked nicely into my scoliosis maker.

I blamed it on my mom.  I told my snickering peers that she was overprotective and I had to lug around my “just in case” bag to keep her off my back.  But really, it was all me.  I was the epitome of a boy scout – always prepared no matter what situation I was in.  It was in my blood, and still is.

As a child it made people laugh, but now that I’m an adult my always-be-prepared nature has saved me time and again.  Take my animal insurance for my pit bull as an example.  My little buddy is as sweet as can be, but you never know what can happen.  And because of that uncertainty, I’m prepared with liability insurance in case my dog is unexpectedly aggressive.

If only all were as prepared.  Recently, a woman in Colorado sued a couple after their dog bit her.  I bet the dog owners wished they had had a “just in case” insurance policy to cover them, especially since the lawsuit alleges the dog was known to be viscous before the attack.

At XINSURANCE, we can be a resource in your “just in case” bag with our liability insurance that covers everything from dog bites to your current insurance policy’s exclusions.  We fill in the holes and cover all the gaps because we understand that being prepared is a lot better than taking risks and potentially losing everything.

So whether it’s at home, at work, or at play, XINSURANCE has got you covered.