Specialty liability insurance for aquatic professionals – commercial and individual liability coverage for all things aquatic.

Who We Can Help

Whether you’re involved with aquatic management, aquatic programming, aquatic operation, aquatic maintenance, aquatic facility design, aquatic centers, private swim lessons, lifeguard classes, or scuba diving, we got you covered! We can help all types of businesses and individuals, no matter the situation.

What We Can Cover

We will provide solutions for risks associated with your business or profession such as commercial liability, property coverage, professional liability/E&O, individual liability, equipment rental liability, watercraft liability, etc…and we’re just getting our feet wet!

Insurance for Aquatic Professionals

Know the Facts

Insurance for Aquatic Professionals

People in the United States swim more than 300 million times in pools and other swimming areas each year.

Insurance for Aquatic Professionals

Injuries linked to pool chemicals accounted for almost 5,000 emergency department visits each year.

Insurance for Aquatic Professionals

Almost 1/3 of local health departments do not regulate, inspect, or license public pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds at all.


XINSURANCE is a preferred vendor for The Association of Aquatic Professionals.

association of aquatic professionals

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