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Dog Bite Liability Insurance

Dog Bite Liability Insurance

All dog owners can benefit from dog bite liability insurance because even the most docile, well-trained dog has the potential to cause harm through biting. Even breeds that are considered “safe” such as Labradors or Pugs can deliver a nasty nip that breaks the skin.

A bite doesn’t mean your dog is aggressive or badly behaved. When dogs are frightened or surprised, they may bite. Whereas a human might jump and scream when startled, a dog’s reflex may be to snap.

If you keep dogs as pets, you’re probably already familiar with the risks associated with dog bites, but did you know that most home insurance policies don’t have adequate coverage for dog bite liability insurance? You may even find that your breed of dog isn’t covered under the policy. That can leave you open to liability claims if your dog bites someone.

Lawsuits can be financially devastating and can even lead to bankruptcy. While you might not be able to prevent your dog from biting, you can protect yourself by taking out dog bite liability insurance.

The Cost of Dog Bite Claims is on the Rise

Dog bite claims make up one-third of all home insurance claims, and the cost of each claim is rising. The average cost of a claim rose 103% between 2003 – 2018. This is due to increased medical expenses and increases in the size of settlements and judgments.

Home insurers are increasingly taking measures to limit their exposure to losses, such as by excluding several dog breeds – especially those deemed as “dangerous.” They may charge extra for certain dog breeds or even insist the dog is restrained at all times.

In 2018, even with insurers placing restrictions on their policies, the average cost of a dog bite claim rose to a massive $39,017. With 90 million dogs in the US and 4.5 million people bitten every year, dog owners can’t afford to go without dog bite liability insurance.

 XINSURANCE’s Dog Bite Liability Insurance

If you’ve tried to take out dog bite liability insurance in the past, you may have been turned down for the following reasons:

  • Your dog breed is considered “dangerous.”
  • Your dog has a history of biting.
  • You don’t restrain your dog (with a muzzle, for example) when in public.
  • You haven’t sent your dog to training classes.

At XINSURANCE, we’re familiar with these factors. Many of our customers come to us because other insurers have refused to insure them, leaving them frustrated and unprotected. With over 30 years of experience providing coverage for high-risk activities, we take pride in our ability to offer you coverage even if you’ve been refused elsewhere.

XINSURANCE is powered by Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC (“EIB”), an excess and surplus lines insurance brokerage. We use an all-in-one method to assess your experience and the situation. This information then allows us to create a fully customized plan that provides full dog bite liability insurance.

No one needs to suffer the risk of dog bite liability claims. XINSURANCE provides coverage for the following types of dogs:

  • ALL breeds (including those considered “dangerous”)
  • Dogs with a bite history
  • Sniffer dogs
  • Therapy dogs
  • Guard dogs
  • Service dogs
  • Guide dogs
  • And more

Our dog bite liability insurance provides coverage for 3rd party bodily injury and 3rd party property damage. Note that the insurance excludes bites to the insured or insured’s family and property damage that the insured owns/rents.

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